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    Looking for Overseas Job

    I think Kandahar is under Dyncorp Intl. look up their profile on linkedin for the link to apply. My buddy is there and says it’s easy money for the little traffic you work.
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    New announcements usa jobs

    I’m going to bump this thread back from the dead. Anyone have any contacts at SPORT MRU? I’d love to get a job there. I’m already living in SoCal and a LA native if that matters.
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Would you mind posting your list?
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    The lists will change a lot by the time you get all of your clearances and wait for the list. Go check out there’s a lot of info there. Here’s my timeline so far... Prior Experience Bid: 12/3/19; TOL: 3/8/19; CIL: 3/25/19; MMPI: 3/28/19; e-QIP: 3/26/19; Medical/Drug: 4/8/19
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    FAA NO EXPERIENCE "OTS" 2019- Planned June 14-17

    Maybe they’ll have them more frequently? My guess would be because they have that 10% rule between hiring pools they just don’t bother taking a huge amount of Pool 2 applicants if a small amount of pool 1s apply or even do well on the ATSA?
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    FAA NO EXPERIENCE "OTS" 2019- Planned June 14-17

    hmm.. i finished up the application maybe 15 mins ago. maybe they met their quota? lol
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    Pre-Employment Clearances

    I looked through the list of AMEs from my CIL and the only OCONUS ones were in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands atleast from what stuck out to me. There are a few things you need to do within a small timeframe. You have to fill out a medexpress online which only the HR team will have to...
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    Los Alamitos

    Anyone have any info on Los Alamitos? I got the referral e-mail and want to know what my next move is or what to expect next? Or just any info on the facility?
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    From what I’ve read on forums they only give second chances if you had a loved one die during or something of that nature. Checkout and read their Hiring FAQ page.
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    New Guy Lost in the Sauce

    1. Search "2152" on the USAjobs site and filter it out for "Open to the Public" announcements. When the bid comes out it will be titled "Air Traffic Control Specialist Trainee" or something along those lines. 2. The ATC Union Vice Pres posted on FB that the next off the street hiring bid will...
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    Any Word on 2019 Bid

    Look up Patricia Gilbert on FB, she’s posted about when the next OTS bid will be and has always done so in the past.
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    You should read the requirements to make sure, but if you have the 52 consecutive weeks of experience at an approach control/tower/enroute facility you should be good to go.
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    There is a new prior experience bid open on USAJOBS, no not the retired military controller one, one for all prior military controllers under 36 y/o and prior CPCs. It’s only open for a few days so hurry!
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    Experience Hire After Academy Washout

    I had questions about vet pref when I was applying to the experience bid last December, but I didn’t have the VA paperwork yet and the bid caught me off guard. I got most of my info from here, hope it helps...
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    Best Route for ATC

    Im not calling you out I just want this guy/gal has the most accurate info. 1. The USAF requires a 6 year contract for guaranteed ATC. BMT is 8ish weeks, ATC tech school is 72 academic days which was 3.5 months if you get through with minimal waiting for classes. 2. The non-RAPCONs are the GCAs...
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    Hold Ratings from Separate Facilities at Same Time

    Idk of any pub that would say something like that. From my old facility it was up to the Chief Controller and he just worked with the reservists on when they can come in. The controller that moved to AZ opted to come in on the last 2 days of a month and the first 2 days of the next month. So...
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    Hold Ratings from Separate Facilities at Same Time

    its absolutely possible, we had reserve controllers in our RAPCON and they worked at the neighboring TRACON and one at the Center. And later on we had a reserve controller keep up with her proficiency after she moved to Arizona.
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    Hello, StuckMic Community has a great FAQ section that’ll answer ALOT of questions. Outlines of hiring process and more. Good luck!
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    Military to FAA Without a CTO

    No it is NOT wrong. You do what you need to do for yourself, the military gets some more time out of you and you get the training you need. It’s a trade off, you signed for X amount of years and have served honorably give them more time and get what you joined the military for. I always hated...
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    Military to FAA Without a CTO

    Please only re-enlist if you can guarantee that you'll get your CTO...