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    Facility Search Website

    Has anyone ever seen an FAA website that you can click by region then enter the identifier of the facility and it brings up all of the information about that facility, including a list of employees? You could click on the MGR and it would bring up the organizational chart for the district as...
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    9/18/12 RTF Class

    Anyone else going to RTF on 9/18? It was added about 2 weeks ago.
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    08/02/2011 Basics

    Anyone else get this date yet? We're staying at Kim's...
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    Panels meeting in November now?

    Anyone else hear this?
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    Does being employed by the govt help?

    I just started working for the TSA and was wondering if this improves the chances of being selected?
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    Tentatively Selected???

    Ok so I just got off the phone w/ OKC and they told me that according to their system I've been tentatively selected. The issue is that I was declined on both my CTO and CTI referral lists. They couldn't give me anymore info. on this but said the next step would be the email to set up an...
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    Issues w/ applying to more than one announcement?

    Was told that applying to both CTI and CTO can cause problems w/ ASAP and in OKC and lead to not being selected for either announcement. Has anyone else heard of anything like this? Are there any prior occurrences of this? Just trying to substantiate what I was told..Thanks
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    McGhee Tyson - TYS

    Just curious if anyone is at or has been at McGhee Tyson Airport in TN and what your thoughts are of this facility.
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    Anyone apply CTI prior to graduating

    Has anyone applied to the CTI announcement before completing the program? In the announcement requirement it states that you have to have your transcript sent prior to hire date. Just curious if anyone has taken this route and been successful or not.
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    Direct Hire list questions

    Just curious to see if anyone has any experience w/ the direct hire list (time from graduation to time getting selected). Is it something that you are placed on, get picked up automatically, and you do not have to keep applying to announcements?
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    Anyone in TN or choose TN

    Hi everyone, I was just curious if anyone is currently at a facility in TN or if anyone chose TN as one of their preferences. If you are in a TN facility, any feedback on the facility, quality of living, etc would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping for Nashville or Memphis.