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  1. atcbrownie

    Pilots Who Use "k" then Airport Id

    Why do pilot feel the need to say "requesting flight following to kilo oscar Sierra hotel"? This may just be a pet peeve of mine but it is really annoying and hard to figure out what airport you are talking about. Do any other controllers find this annoying? You can pretty much guarantee that...
  2. atcbrownie

    What part of contract starts on Oct 1st

    I know that the agreed upon tau's start on oct 1st'ish, but what starts on Jan 1. I know that the new pay bands start on Jan 1st but is everything that the arbitrators decided on start in Jan or is it just the pay bands. AW
  3. atcbrownie

    Aug 1st G.I. Bill change

    Does anyone know how the new G.I. Bill will affect us.
  4. atcbrownie

    HR contact for Eastern Service Area Terminal

    Can someone PM me contact info for someone in eastern terminal other than Wanda. I have been trying to get a hold of her since may 3rd but she doesn't answer her phone and rarely responds to emails. Thanks AW
  5. atcbrownie

    Aug 5th tracon FOL

    Has anyone in the Aug 5th tracon class recieved their FOL yet. I have not and am wondering if anyone else has. Thanks AW
  6. atcbrownie

    Contact number

    Does anyone have (redacted) contact number? Apparently he is my new rep but I don't have his number. Thanks AW
  7. atcbrownie

    Isola Bella Rates

    I just called today to reserve a room for aug 5th but they just raised there rates to 49.80 for 1 bedroom and 59.80 for two. I was going to stay here because I could get a two bedroom for 49.80 but I guess now it makes more sense to stay at Fairways at Moore for the same price and get free golf.
  8. atcbrownie

    So who got my may 1st class date?

    So I was informed today that my rep pulled me from the may 1st class because my medical clearance was screwed up. They did give me a new class date of Sep 22. Looks like I will be taking my 5th urinalysis (picked up on Jan 08 vra announcement). I am so fed up with the way that the hiring...
  9. atcbrownie

    Air Force Reserve?

    Anyone on here and AF reservist or know anyone who is? I am thinking about it when I get off active duty to help suppliment my families income while in training for the FAA. Are there any issues with it and FAA training? What are the fallbacks to doing this other than still being in the...
  10. atcbrownie

    VRA 20k bonus requirements

    I am looking for the requirements for the bonus. I know when it started the faa required a 90 day break in federal service, but I have heard of a few people getting the bonus in their fol while on terminial leave. Is this still a requirement? Has anyone on here recieved it without the 90...