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    Charleston - CHS

    Hello, Just curious if anyone on the board works at CHS? I have some questions. PM me. Thanks, Ken
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    FY 2011 budget

    I noticed the FAA has a link on their website about getting 1.1B for the NEXGEN program. Just curious how much of this money is for future hiring? Any ideas?
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    ATC vs Pilot medical

    Hello, I was working as a commercial pilot for the last 5 years so I have always had just a first class medical. I quit my flying job in August and am currently going to ATC school. My medical expires this December. My question is: I will need to get an ATC medical however, I'm a CFI and...
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    AT-SAT score; CTI vs. OTS

    Hello, I have a quick question about the AT-SAT score. I know there isn't a definite answer here but here goes. I took it over a year ago and scored in the mid 70's and this was for Pubnat2. I'm taking it again for Pubnat 8, however I'm also now enrolled at CCBC and will graduate next August. Is...
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    How many times can I take the At-Sat?

    I thought I remember seeing this somewhere. I know you have to wait one year before retaking it but is there a limit on the amount of times you can take the At-Sat? Thanks, Ken
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    Taking the AT-SAT?

    Hello, Just had a quick question. I just applied to PUBNAT 8 and I will be attending CCBC in the fall. If I take the AT-SAT for the OTS announcement will I have to wait a year to take it again if I want to get a higher score, even if I apply for the CTI announcement? Thanks, Ken
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    Anyone starting CCBC in the fall?

    Hello, I will be attending CCBC starting in the fall. I'm looking for a roommate to split costs at Chippewa Village in a 2br apartment. If anyone needs a roommate or knows someone who needs a roommate please let me know. Thanks, Ken
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    Wait for next PUBNAT or go CTI ?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in the running for OTS PubNat 5,6,7 and I also applied for PubNat 2 and wasn't chosen. I'm considering some other options and I'm just curious if anyone has any opinions, good or bad. At this point....I'm waiting for the results of the 5th and 6th boards. I chose...