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    Facility Search Website

    Disregard, I found it!!! Had to use IE instead of Chrome.
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    Facility Search Website

    Has anyone ever seen an FAA website that you can click by region then enter the identifier of the facility and it brings up all of the information about that facility, including a list of employees? You could click on the MGR and it would bring up the organizational chart for the district as...
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    9/18/12 RTF Class

    Anyone else going to RTF on 9/18? It was added about 2 weeks ago.
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    West Virginia (CRW,CKB,HTS)

    If she's planning on renting, Waterford Village is nice...I believe 3 of our controllers currently live there. It's in Barboursville and is about 20mins away. PM me for anything else. Just checked out on LC/GC and heading to OKC for RTF in Sept.
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    Beaver CTI Enroute Spring 2012

    i take it you didn't get Toledo? where are ya headed...
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    Forgetting Material

    Don't think or worry too much before you head to OKC..I'm here now. The way things are done in Academy Land are very different from my CTI school and tower. You will have plenty of academic time to refresh plus most instructors will go into the table tops towards the end of each class to...
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    October 10 NATCA Meet and Greet

    you mean besides the big "WHO" at the top of the poster??
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    From Academy to Facility - The Amazing Race?

    mike, wife and i did it in 21 hrs from beaver, pa....should have taken only 16 but we broke down...if you feel tired stop and rest...i was lucky that we could take turns
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    From Academy to Facility - The Amazing Race?

    so i have 2 other people that are going to my facility...i started basics on tuesday and they start tower next week and in sept at the academy....they both will beat me to the facility but because i started at the academy sooner, ill have the seniority?
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    FAA Furloughs

    Thanks und....still scared to show up to OKC next week only to be turned away!!
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    Frustration by FAA canceling class date

    Re: Frustration... Hey zero, glad everything worked out for ya...ill be there aug 2 terminal basics...take care
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    Fed-ex package with class date received, no FOL

    And I bet they won't let us wear shorts...gonna have swamp ass just walking to class
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    When is a good time to move?

    I know this should be in a different thread but...I thought OKC was pretty much class work and sims leading up the PV and everything hinged on passing the PV. I understand there were tests and minimum scores required but I thought the PV was the end all...If that makes sense?
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    Beaver CTI Enroute Spring 2012

    What am I contacting you about? I went to Beaver. This is a Beaver thread and I'm married and not available:) Baltimore is nice though...
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    Beaver CTI Enroute Spring 2012

    Do you live in Beaver County? If you do, you will receive a 40% discount off of the plane rental. If you aren't, it will be easier if you get the PPL prior to starting class. That is up to you, but depending on where you are from, the weather here sucks in the fall/winter so it might be tough to...
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    Are CTI schools fair?

    Would it be fair then to allow instructors the option to wash out a student that if in their opinion wouldn't have a shot in hell in becoming a controller even though that student may pass every test w/ the minimum score?
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    Graduated CTI in May..questioning my choice of states!

    MI,NY,SC,KY, and TX Applied under CTI, CTO, and OTS Was picked for WV in OTS
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    Graduated CTI in May..questioning my choice of states!

    I went to school w/ multiple people that got picked up for both FL and KY in's hit or miss....I tried for 3 panels to get KY and never did...Others get it on the first try....I was selected for a state that I didn't even put down this time, so who knows...Networking can't hurt and...