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  1. nb2fd

    New York TRACON - N90

    Any controllers on here from N90 that just started or just got certified. Got a couple of questions if thats aright. If so PM me. Thanks
  2. nb2fd

    1/23 Basics

    I was originaly scheduled to start on the 16th but they pushed it back a week. They sent me a new FOL but do i have to re-fax all of the other documents?
  3. nb2fd

    1/16 okc

    Im going to OKC and my final papers say January 16th. When do I recieve final information on like flights to OKC (Im from NY) or where to go that date if there is any? Do I get my own flight to OKC? Im kind of in a hard place I dont know where to go from here so if anyone could help thatd be...