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    ERR to Facility Offer Timeline

    Generally, how long does it take to hear from the region with the ERR approval? I know i was picked up at a facility that i ERR'd to. Just wondering how long folks have waited to receive a call from HR? I was given a 2 yr release from my current facility.
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    Center to Terminal Transfer As a CPC

    Looking for some info. If a cpc from an enroute facility was to get picked up at a terminal facility, do they have to go to the academy? Or is it voluntary? Or just not necessary? Also, for anyone that has done this, how did it go? Was making that change difficult? What was the hardest thing...
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    Tennessee ZME

    ZME - Facility Swap Request
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    Taking the academy seriously

    So we had a safety culture meeting here at the academy today, and our enroute class was mixed in with an initial tower cab class for the meeting. I couldn't help but notice this guy SLEEPING while the instructor spoke for the entire meeting. This really chaps my ass seeing someone who can't even...
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    TDY Travel Voucher info

    Hey peeps, can some explain to me why the tdy travel authorization to OKC gives you like 2 weeks to get back after your class ends in OKC? Example: mine says 10/2-1/15. But my class ends on 1/4. Is your reporting date? I however received info from a fellow stuckmic'r that he saw a sheet at my...
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    10/03/2011 Enroute Class

    where you all at?!? got the email this morning...couldnt freakin believe it! MG told me last week that it would most likely be next october for me, and then BAM, class date in the inbox(for THIS october)! Headed to ZME. Already booked at Kim's Place, which i know two other guys are booked...
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    ZME Newbs! Check in here--

    I know this is repetitive and everyone makes these...but i have talked with a couple other newbs who got selected for ZME on the MARCH 2011 PANEL, and we wanna keep track of each other. Also, i made a Facebook Group for us to put a face with the name. Sooo, here we go: its a simple poll, and...
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    ZME interviews[march panels]

    would like to get a head count of who is going to ZME from the MARCH panels, and who has either completed and received a TOL, completed and NOT received a TOL...yet, scheduled, or not scheduled their interview. thanks peeps.
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    ZME folks!(March Panels)

    where you all at?
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    HEY! ...ACD! Please send out some emails already!

    does anyone have any info or talked to anyone in ACD and asked them as to why no emails have been sent since the middle of last week?
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    Does anyone know ACD's hours of operation?

    Do they work on the weekends? I doubt it, but it would be nice!
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    *new* March panels- selected or not

    ok, this is easy, choose whether you were selected with an email, still waiting for a state to update, or rejected....we need a new count considering there are people who got rejected had chose that they were selected on the last poll.
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    Day 3 of Selection/Rejection week...who's here still?

    Alright, i know i made the same one yesterday, but i saw a ton of rejections on here today. So again, if you are still here...list your state, and which app you applied under(CTI,VRA,OTS..etc). goodluck people!!
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    Who made it through Day 2 of Selections?

    im pretty sure they are finished with all the rejection updates for the day...SOO who made it through the 2nd day? list your state and whether you are VRA,CTI,OTS, etc.:hurray: (This is strictly for peeps who are waiting on an update)
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    Referrals are based on submitted questionnaire at time of referral.

    I am getting really tired of seeing this on my bout you?
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    Any D10 or I90 contacts out there?

    I am a CTI grad, changed my states to TX and TN this time around, both, not really near where i live, but i work for the airlines, so i can easily show up for the day to take a tour of the facilities if anyone has any info i'd really appreciate it!