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    CTI Announcement!

    I completely agree with that ^... It makes no sense why there are people waiting years from "higher ranked" schools while some of the lower rated schools are pumping out graduates and then them getting hired in and washed out.
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    CTI Announcement!

    i was applied for the previous panel they are now re-using, but now my at-sat score has expired since then, therefore, I am not eligible to be considered for that reused panel. Amanda from OKC said there should be an at-sat test scheduled in April-May time frame. So now I have to wait until then...
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    CCBC Spring 2013

    I like others around the time I graduated are still waiting. It is going on a little over 3 years. Some people got picked up fast, others have not. Hopefully the changes that are supposed to be implemented for the new hiring process with help out.