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    Pointsixtyfive - Mining Crypto-currency While You Browse

    Use caution. I went over to yesterday (just verified again now) and the site has crypto-mining java scripts injected in it. I was made aware by my anti-virus from a commercial license I use on my PCs. known script used in pointsixtyfive website: (tags removed) script...
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    New Runway Crossing Phraseology

    I didn't see any posts about this... reference the W CHG2 updates... specifically in 3-7-2... " ...including specific instructions on where to cross a runway." Suddenly, everyone is grasping onto the examples in the .65 (examples, not phraseology) and saying "Cross runway 16R at TAXIWAY Lima."...
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    Terminal Placement List Question

    Just a quick question regarding the placement lists that seem to be floating around... Under "type" there are various numbers, which I assume relate to the facility type as it regards to an up/down, tower only, tracon only, etc. Am I on the right track with this? (has this been posted? I tried...
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    Ground movement/conditional phraseology

    Looking for your opinion on this-is this phraseology allowed: "Delta 5441, cross runway one-six right on alpha, on the other side, monitor tower one-one-eight point six." vs. "Delta 5441, cross runway one-six right on alpha." *readback* (and then after the cross is complete) "Delta 5441...
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    read back of sequence number landing clearance

    Two questions... When a tower (local) controller issues a landing clearance including the "number" the aircraft is "in line" (Delta1234 rwy xx number 2 cleared to land) is the pilot "required" to read back "number 2" or can they just stick with rwy xx cleared to land callsign? Does this change...
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    What is a dogleg mean in ATC?

    I listen to often and occasionally hear "right dogleg for XX runway". What is a dogleg pattern? I know the parts of a standard traffic pattern, fairly certain dogleg isn't one of them. Anyone know?
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    Metar confusion?

    I'm confused on this metar in conjunction with what the tower was issuing clearances with today at MSP. I don't have the whole thing...but right after the winds it said "-DZ R/30L 5000PV6000" Light Drizzle. I know that much. Is the rest Runway 30L Visibility Variable (V) between at least (P)...
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    Requested SODA, but got a different answer?

    I requested my SODA, but the letter they sent had a contiononal first class medical in it saying "You do not meet the qualifications for an unlimited first class medical." But nowhere in the letter do they talk about a denyed SODA. They do say "If you wish further consideration we wil conduct a...
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    Newbie question...about landing

    So for a while I've been listening to ATC on and this is what I'm confused on. heres a convo I hear often... delta 1234-"Delta1234 with you for 12L." tower- "d1234 12L cleared to land, traffic will be holding in position." delta1234- "12L d1234" tower- "united 1234 runway 12L...
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    SODA/Special Issuance/Waiver

    I'm having trouble understanding the differences. Today I had my medical and the AME told me to apply for a SODA. Is this different than a Special issuance/waiver?? thanks!
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    unsure of medical testing procedures

    Is the ATC medical different than a Class II Medical from the faa? As a student, can I go take a class II med and get it over with, and then just keep that renewed...or does the FAA issue their very own test upon employment? I posted this in another thread but maybe I'll get more answers here...
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    Eyes off by 5 lines... 20/25 with correction?

    My eyesight in my left eye is 25/20 with contacts. My right is 20/20, and with both open I see perfect 20/20. Do I have any chance of passing a medical test to become an ATC (EDIT: or a commercial airline pilot)? Or getting a special issuance/waiver?
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    FAA Special Issuance changes of?

    Hello all... So I wondering if the FAA grants these special "issuances" often...I'm 20/25 in my left eye...20/20 in my right eye. What do you guys think? Thanks!
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    Which tests when...

    Hello everybody! This is my first post, so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place or has already been asked. I've been searching for hours trying to get some answers...with no luck! Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me! I'm confused as to all the tests potential ATCs have to...