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    ZOB let's go

    maps suck bro hahaha
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    FAA Sequestration scheduled for March 1: What it is and how it affects you

    Re: Sequestration scheduled for March 1: What it is and how it affects you oh here we go...
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    02/11/2013 Class

    Shut up and keep watching TV hahah
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    2/20 En Route

    Kim's is awesome!! Got here this week and she's been great
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    Level 5's and 6's are done Jan 3. (furloughed)

    Maybe I'm being naive but you say obviously the academy would shutdown. They still need the bodies for centers so would they just cancel tower classes or everything??
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    Great Lakes Region Class dates

    FF is out of the office on paternity leave...
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    Need advice and info.

    I was in your same boat. I flew for Comair and now Avantair. I decided to go to cti. Got selected and start OKC on jan 10th. My piece of advice is if you don't try it you'll regret it. Cti school isn't that expensive so the worst thing is you'll be out a couple grand but you can at least say you...
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    Nothing yet... Something tells me they're waiting for this fiscal cliff thing
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    Academy fiscal cliff

    Hahah. It'll prob be shut down when were halfway to OKC
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    Academy fiscal cliff

    Ok we all know about it and have heard 6,000 rumors. Has anyone that is currently at the academy hear what would happen if we go over the cliff?? News from instructors, managers, etc??
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    January-March Class dates

    I can't wait for the awkward, who are you on stuckmic party when we all get there...
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    booked up at Zoe also!!
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    ZOB!! Yeaaaaaa buuuudddy!!
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    What job would you consider other than ATC

    Re: That Job? If i could do anything else, I'd become a mod and shut down the mitt Romney on ATC and all new hires are screwed thread...
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    New ATC Employees Are About To Get Screwed

    I wish I could keep hitting the thanks button on this...
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    New ATC Employees Are About To Get Screwed

    ohhhhh you just opened a huge can of worms... see the mitt romney on atc thread...
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    What states are hiring?!

    The NATCA reps for each facility know how many their facility is taking next year. That's how I found out for a lot of facilities.
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    raytheon budget

    All the people saying they were being let go before my post were all facility rpo etc. After my post is when an academy student said his instructor was being let go. That was the confirmation I needed