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  1. thecook

    How Was the AT-SAT?

    So, from what I remember seeing the first of the AT-SAT test dates available have come and gone recently. So are there stuckmic users that have taken the most recent AT-SAT and could share their experience? What ever commentary you have on the test and the what ever else you guys learned there...
  2. thecook


    Hey guys, I'm in the process of getting picked up from the most recent OTS bid (Allah willing) I grew up in the buffalo area and would like to go there after the school house. Does anyone have anything for me? I have a CTO from the Air Force, and basically I'm a total noob. POC, guidance, and...
  3. thecook

    AF ATC-RADAR, Employable?

    Hello all, I just signed a contract for the air national guard to do ATC-RADAR. I didn't know the difference when I signed my name on the dotted line but there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between tower and radar. Now, I can deal with the cramped dark metal box that will be my new life for the next year...