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    Your Thought's on Pilgrims New Aviation Flight Ops Program Through Daniel Webster College.

    This was an article through my local paper The Barnstable Patriot on Pilgrims Flight Training program. It looks as if it is just a credited program right now, but the hopes are opening Aviation Flight Ops programs through Daniel Webster College & Cape Cod Community College. I have not done...
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    Best Branch for Air Traffic Control .

    Which branch would you say has the best benefits for Air Traffic Control?
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    Best Way to Get a Career As an Airline Pilot

    What would you recommend the quickest & easiest way to get your Pilot's Licence, 1,500 hours, and a career with An Airline. Such as American Airlines, Delta, U.S. Airways, Southwest ect. I was checking ATP's flight school and College's with Aviation Flight operations, do the airlines have...
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    Thoughts on Privatization ?

    I think it would be the best thing. You would have to follow the FAA rules and they could set up their own education and training program. That would solve a lot of disputes going on between CTI Students & the FAA, plus the OTS hires who can't afford to go to college. What are you thoughts ?
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    Letourneau University's Pipeline Program

    Hello Everyone, My name is James. I came across this program while looking into Letourneau University. Pilot Pipeline Program with American Eagle Airlines | School of Aeronautical Science | LeTourneau University I wanted to gather your opinions and thoughts ?
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    Advice and Questions About Rumors

    Hello Everyone, My name is James. I applied for the ATC Specialist position and was denied. I have heard a rumor that there was a system error in the F.A.A.'s System and the F.A.A has to review our applications. Does anyone know if that is true? If that is true how should I go about following...
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    Details of New Hiring and Fate of CTI Schools.

    Hello, My name is James. I am currently starting my sophomoreyear at Daniel Webster College. I am just starting to see the new hiring rules,the F.A.A. has just posted. I am currently wondering what my best bet is. 1. ShouldI continue at DWC or drop out and get a job till I can get hired or...