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  1. SoCal

    Authentication Required Pop Up?

    When trying to log in, and any time I change to a different page on this site, I get a pop up window stating: Authentication Required then prompts for a username and password. Seems like phishing spam...are you aware of this?
  2. SoCal

    landing clearance with a vehicle on the runway

    i was once told by a senior controller that a landing clearance could not be issued when a vehicle is on the runway for an inspection. It was explained that the 7110.65 does not imply the use of anticipated separation with vehicles.... I did not look into this as i usually do and just practiced...
  3. SoCal

    APREQ VS Point-Out

    I have asked other senior controllers, looked it up in the regs and even googled it. I saw one response over on, but I figured I would ask here and see what comments come up. To my understanding, a Point-Out is when you are transferring radar identification of an ACFT and are...