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  1. shibbyromes

    WMT Scheduler App for IOS or Android

    Hey everyone, I had an iOS App named Ptime for web scheduler and now I cannot find it. Any help? Anyone know of an android version? Thanks Jon PVD
  2. shibbyromes

    No More New Hires Going To Level 8 and Above TRACON's

    Haha Gotta love my N90 neighbors. Me: (N90 Islip Radar OTS) "Beads, Providence. What do you want between these two landing FRG?" Beads: "15mit is fine." lol
  3. shibbyromes

    Old Providence Runway Incursion

    I'm a CPC at Providence and work with the controller who this happened to. It was a mistake that could have happened to anyone. Our tower sits lower than most and our view of the taxiways are very limited (even though this happened with next to no Vis). Not making excuses or shifting blame, just...
  4. shibbyromes

    Per Diem

    Last time I checked, you had to live more than 50 miles away from the Academy before getting hired in order to get per diem. When I was in my Tower Course, I heard of a couple people not getting per diem due to living within the immediate area around the Academy.
  5. shibbyromes

    Academy leave?-baby

    I'd rather she arrive on Christmas. That way I only have to buy one yearly present for both occasions. Lol
  6. shibbyromes

    Academy leave?-baby

    I am in a similar boat. My wife and I are expecting our first child on...GUESS WHEN?...that's right, PV Day. I talked to the course supervisor, and although he was sincerely sympathetic, he told me that leaving during that part of the course would result in having to retake the course. On top of...
  7. shibbyromes

    11/10 rtf

    Just worked out that way. My ATM called me a couple days before I left to OKC and told me he had arranged for me to stay after my Tower course and get RTF out of the way. It is bitter-sweet. GREAT that I don't have to come back here after I leave but sucks because a lot is going on back home and...
  8. shibbyromes

    11/10 rtf

    I'll be there. I am in the 9/16 Tower course now. I was booked for RTF for the day after I finish Tower.
  9. shibbyromes

    09/16/11 Tower

    I'm in! 9/16/11 Tower heading to Providence Tower (PVD)
  10. shibbyromes

    Hiring Number for 2012

    I am going to PVD and all of my clearances are complete and good to go. My HR rep told me my Facility has zero need this FY so I am waiting until after October 2011 for a class date. Hopefully it is sooner rather than later. I have been waiting since May 2009. It does feel good to be selected...
  11. shibbyromes

    March Panels - Selected or Not Poll

    Selected for RI (PVD). CTI, WQ, ERAU. Waiting since summer 2009.
  12. shibbyromes

    How many of you are "still in the running"?

    CTI Grad 2009, WQ. Gone through a few panels already. Geoprefs: MA is a no go but RI is still pending. Fingers crossed :)
  13. shibbyromes

    October hiring panels

    Whoever taught you guys how to spell is a liar. :jester:
  14. shibbyromes

    embry riddle alumni

    There are EASIER and CHEAPER ways to go CTI. However, I don't regret my decision to go to ERAU at all. I loved it there. It is a great experience into the world of aviation with people who bleed it. ERAU c/o 2009
  15. shibbyromes

    Is there anyone graduated may 09 and not been selected yet?

    I graduated May 09 and nothing yet. I agree with UNDBuckeye. This opportunity means a lot to me in many different ways. Just have to stay with it. I am 24 years old. I will get in eventually. I will more than likely forget nearly everything I learned in simulation labs and classrooms at my CTI...
  16. shibbyromes

    CTI Selection panel poll

    I graduated in May of 2009 from ERAU. There have been 2 panels since and I made the most recent list but was not selected. Like someone said a few posts ago, just find a job to pay the bills and wait. It's kind of rough for me because I am Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There are only a total...
  17. shibbyromes

    Heard anything from March Referrals?

    LOL I wouldn't put it past them because I would probably do the same thing haha. Too funny.
  18. shibbyromes

    March referral lists

    Made the list for Massachusetts. No list for Rhode Island (my other state). ...step 1 of 10,000 complete ...woohoo CTI Grad May09 ATSAT 94 CTI & PUBNAT 8 App
  19. shibbyromes

    March 2010 panels

    Re: March Panels What do you mean you are getting emails? Emails from who?
  20. shibbyromes

    You're CTI right? What school did you go to?

    You're CTI right? What school did you go to?