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    Academy fiscal cliff

    Ok we all know about it and have heard 6,000 rumors. Has anyone that is currently at the academy hear what would happen if we go over the cliff?? News from instructors, managers, etc??
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    ZOB!! Yeaaaaaa buuuudddy!!
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    Facililty question

    Random question, any of you that are at your facilities, do you guys have intramural sports teams that are organized like hockey teams, softball etc. I know when I was in school the Miami guys had a hockey team etc. Anyone else??
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    wow, I cant believe this just happened, Im a March 2012 selectee and I just got called today for a class date!! The problem is, I have my brothers wedding, sisters wedding, vacation planned, and I pilot training contract. Im assuming im the first in line to go to my facility if their calling me...
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    Advice for CTI applicants

    Hey all, just a little advice. The pre TOL paperwork says that they have to receive an official copy of your transcripts. If youre scheduled for an interview/already have had it and are waiting on the pre TOL paperwork email, I advise you order your official transcripts, that way you'll have...
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    ERR or Transfer

    Hey Doug, First off, thank you for your support on these forums, it is much appreciated. I recently got picked up for Enroute and was curious how it is to get a transfer once checked out. My wife and I live 4 hours from where I will be headed and she has a great job in which she cant quit...
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    is it an actual letter or are they using an email for it?? Thanks
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    Classdate for ZOB

    Just curious to see if anyone from March 2011 panel is still waiting on a class date??:cheers:
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    Anyone get terminal and wants enroute

    Hey all, Ive heard some people can swap. I got selected for ZOB and want terminal. (mostly because of time it takes to CPC and transfer). Anyone get Ohio terminal and want to switch??:drinks:
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    Revised interview email

    Just received an email explaining the glitch in the system. The revised emails will be sent later this week...
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    Anyone else selected for ohio

    Just curious to see who else and where
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    Changing Geoprefs

    Hey all, Im sure this has been asked (yes ive tried searching), but I was wondering, after you submit your CTI app is it possible to change your prefs before a panel or are they locked in?? Thanks Diver
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    Hey Doc, Thanks for all your answers on this forum. When I was younger I took Ritalin and adderal for ADHD but have been off of it for over 10 years. I am currently a pilot with a Class 1 and had to take a whole list of tests for the FAA to get my class 1. I am now switching over to ATC and...