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    2152 MAR 23 BID OUT

    Red for me. Good thing it was my plan B!
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    2015 Hiring Announcement Rumor Mill

    I got the same word from my CTI advisor who heard from the FAA
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    Word on the street is that we will find out today or tomorrow if we passed the BioQ. #YOBQO
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    AF ATC Enlistment: Am I Being Overly Optimistic?

    Being an Officer doesn't mean that you will be stuck doing desk work and flying a desk. I am completing my Bachelors degree in May then going off to Officer Training School, then on to Pensacola to train as a Combat Systems Officer. I will be in for at least 6 years after I finish training and...
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    2015 Hiring Announcement Rumor Mill

    From the CTI Liaison at my school, "There will be a public announcement for ATC Specialists in early to mid-March. Please make sure your profile is up to date on It has been encouraged for you to apply even if you have hit your 31st birthday. You may see another announcement on 26...
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    RPO Offer Letter FAA Academy

    Does anyone know what the typical pay range for RPO is?
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    Email from HR

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    Breaking: CTI Class Action Lawsuit

    I wasn't referring to anyone with just prior experience. I think that's very valid and should have priority. Im just talking about how some people on here are so rude to those who haven't served in the military.
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    DUI with TOL

    I have been working in aviation for while, it doesn't seem to me that drinking is part of the culture......but hey I don't drink so maybe I'm just missing out on the behind the scenes action
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    Breaking: CTI Class Action Lawsuit

    Some of you military guys must be part of Obamas entitlement crowd. That is awesome you are in the military and are protecting the country. My brother was deployed as well, but that doesn't mean you are entitled to the world just as CTI kids aren't entitled either. The FAA is not going to pick...
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    DUI with TOL

    Believe it or not, I have never had alcohol in my life
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    TOL email

    Its true, Raytheon is hiring Former and current CPC's to be instructors at the Academy
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    Job opening - Salina, KS (SLN) - Midwest

    you realize this thread is 2 years old right?
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    when you scan the file you can change the quality of the scan. That will lower the file size. When I first tried it, it was too big.....(waiting for it) I tried it again after lowering the quality standard and it ended up being like 2.5mb. I also split the front and the back into 2 PDF's and...
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    The Final Countdown!!!

    That would be awesome if that really happens. That means the FAA would have really gotten their crap together!
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    Application Questionaire Example for You OTS Bidders

    From the FAA - "How much does an entry-level air traffic controller get paid?All new hires from the Feb. 2014 announcement will start at the FG-1 pay level (as listed on the vacancy announcement) while in training at the FAA Academy. Pay levels for those who successfully complete Academy...
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    College Transcript

    Currently going through the CTI program. Does the FAA look at your college transcript and consider GPA as a factor to be hired or not?
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    Best AT-SAT Prep. Book

    What is the best book for prep for the AT-SAT? Or how did you prepare to take the AT-SAT?