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    Potomac TRACON - PCT

    I know this is a super old thread, but I just wanted to leave this here in case anyone still lurks on SM. This is no longer how area assignments are made. Employee opinion is not taken into account. Management and NATCA DO collaborate, but not with the employee. It’s based on your past...
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    I wouldn't advertise that to your classmates when/if you make it to OKC.
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    What Does "flow" Mean?

    I've read that too, but does your TMU Center give you "released at 2000" or "1958-2001?" If it's the latter, I suspect they are building the window for you, and expect the plane to tag up in that window, not 1956-2002. I could be wrong.
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    DUI Options

    Yep. I agree with the above poster too - keep your stuff behind a door they need a warrant for and don't drink/operate equipment intoxicated or under the influence.
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    Special Issuance for Medical

    There was a member many years ago on here who had eventually received a similar restriction - radar only. I believe he was offered a tracon facility. He wouldn't be eligible for a tower since you'd need to look out the windows.
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    Pointsixtyfive - Mining Crypto-currency While You Browse

    So just how much money has MJ made off the users of pointsixtyfive?
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    Polite Way to Decline Radar Vectors

    Well, maybe not every time just out of principle, but if you're flying into airspace and getting vectors around and IFR heavy arrival corridor, that wold make sense wouldn't it?
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    Polite Way to Decline Radar Vectors

    Well, if the "guys burning Jet A" are on IFR flight plans, then do get priority over "little guys" who are on VFR. If you're IFR and a little guy", you'll get vectored for the sequence, separation, or spacing - and that's to keep YOU, as the user, SAFE (along with everyone else flying)...
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    Strip Bay with 48 Holders

    someone put a lot of work into that... such a shame to sell it off like that!
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    What Does "flow" Mean?

    Someone can come along and roast me for not using correct phraseology ... but I solve this problem by specifically stating to the pilot after getting their release time from TMU, "AAY100 wheels up at 0430, plan to be rolling prior to that." Yeah, I know, not in the book. Sue me. I'm sure after...
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    Pointsixtyfive - Mining Crypto-currency While You Browse

    yeah, it's the above mentioned script that is on the site.
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    Pointsixtyfive - Mining Crypto-currency While You Browse

    Use caution. I went over to yesterday (just verified again now) and the site has crypto-mining java scripts injected in it. I was made aware by my anti-virus from a commercial license I use on my PCs. known script used in pointsixtyfive website: (tags removed) script...
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    21 Months and Still Waiting. Can You Best Me?

    I'm sure once the tier 2 goes back to medical headquarters or whatever it's called, you'll still have a short wait (relatively speaking, of course) while they compile everything else. That is a really long time though, and I'd definitely be frustrated.
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    Alternative Housing?

    You'd be surprised the hotels in oKC that allow pets. Probably charge you 100 bucks non-refundable: cost of having a pet.
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    Tower Class Study Materials

    While I agree the academy teaches you everything you need to know, having the maps and callsigns memorized ahead of time never hurt anyone.
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    Tower Vectors and VFR Departures

    +1. Remain clear of Class XX airspace, freq change approved.
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    Former Job Termination Complication?

    Wouldn't worry about it. Disclose if asked but don't volunteer the information until you're specifically asked, if they ever do. Most likely security will ask if you get a tier 2 security, and I doubt this alone would flag it.