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    Albuquerque Center - ZAB

    It's a really good facility to work at. Staffing is horrendous, so if you're certified on a couple positions, whether they're D sides or R sides you work mandatory 6 day work weeks. Once you get to the floor, they are pushing training hard and making a strong effort to get people through...
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    MMPI 2 Test

    It took me about 4 months to get my whole Tier 2 process completed. Had to retake the MMPI 2 at a local psychologist's office for them to compare the results to my first test with the FAA also 1 or 2 other separate tests. After he got the results I had to meet with the psychologist 2 times to...
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    Anyone at Guam?

    I've got a buddy at Guam, but he's not on Stuckmic. Any specific questions you want me to ask?
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    Albuquerque Center - ZAB

    Currently in training at ZAB. Lived here for just over a year. If anyone has anymore questions, feel free to PM me!
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    911 Dispatchers

    Congrats and good luck! Keep us updated on your progress!
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    911 Dispatchers

    I did not have to do a polygraph when I was being hired as a dispatcher. They saw the ATC degree on my college information for my resume so they asked about my future plans regarding ATC. I told them about the budget issues and that it can take years to get hired as a controller, both were...
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    911 Dispatchers

    I was a 911 Dispatcher before I got picked up also. I had to do a typing test first, then multi-tasking test from a video that was made in the 1980s, and had to answer a bunch of questions about what we would do in certain situations. Once you passed all of that, then I was called in for an...
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    Hiring Freeze

    We've been briefed at ZAB to anticipate furloughs. Nothing official, obviously, that'll come friday, plus even if they furlough controllers it won't go into affect until early April due to the 30 days the union gets to negotiate the specifics. As of now it looks like it's safe to be an enroute...
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    Hey, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Once you finally get to the academy and beyond...

    Hey, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Once you finally get to the academy and beyond you tend to quit looking at stuckmic. Honestly, there's nothing you should really study before going to OKC because they give you all the material you need to learn. The only thing you could do would...
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    Tier Two

    Congrats!! I'm stoked for you that you've finally been cleared!
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    Tier Two

    The FAA will tell you exactly what you need to do. You'll receive info to setup appointments for various parts of the medical clearance. You can't do anything until you receive your TOL.
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    Tier Two

    I never received any certificate via mail so you're def not out of the woods yet with your medical clearance. There's a big difference.
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    I have a buddy who was selected for MT in the March '12 panel. I think he has a May TOL and I know he is all clear. Not many people people get selected for MT.
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    Drug refresh wait time

    Took about 1 week each time I took mine. You won't be told if they've received it or not, so if you want to know, you have to bug HR to find out.
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    Networking - Have the info, now what?

    Redcup and JoshATC are exactly right. I did networking that exact way, except I was unable to reach the DM, but I know the ATM sent my name up the ladder and I credit that with being selected first panel. Touring the facility is key, and if your tour guide happens to be a controller or NATCA...
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    10/23/2012 tower

    Congrats! I'm glad tower people are finally getting called!
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    10/15/2012 Enroute

    Anyone else staying at Kim's?
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    10/15/2012 Enroute

    I didn't realize there were Basics and Initial starting the same day. I started this thread for the Initial Enroute class.
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    10/15/2012 Enroute

    Already booked my spot at Kim's Place. Great reviews from friends who've stayed there.