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  1. MrClutch007


    I guess I missed another question: mids aren't staffed as heavily as days, are they? But the whole staff has to work one? Just a little confused.
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    Can somebody enlighten me regarding the crazy work schedule that I've heard as the "rattler?" Does everybody have to work a mid once a week, or does seniority get one out of it? Do you tend to work five shifts in four days, and is it the same four days? Does facility make a difference (obviously...
  3. MrClutch007

    Cle tracon?

    Was Cleveland TRACON ever out in Oberlin, in the Center building? Seems I remember reading that it was, not too many years ago.
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    Q About C-90 Arrival Gates

    The last info I have has four arrival gates: KRENA, KUBBS, PLANO AND BEARZ. With the new KORD runway, has this changed? Are arrival gates even used? Or is it all STARS, now?
  5. MrClutch007

    GE CF6 noise level?

    Can anybody tell me the noise level in dB for an idling 747 equipped with GE CF6-80 engines (recorded at about 100 feet)? Or where to find it?
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    Electronic flight bags?

    Have the iPads become pretty standard in civil aviation for charts, etc?
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    Chicago TRACON - C90

    Could I ask a question about procedures at C-90? At O'Hare, if traffic plan B (with finals to 27-R&L and 28) is in place, how many controllers would work aircraft coming in through the BEARZ arrival gate? Would it be arrival, feeder and final? Or just feeder and final?
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    Ideas for Thirty Days of JetBlue

    How about the high price of booze in the concourse bars!
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    Near Miss, or....

    Two airliners come within a couple hundred feet of one another. Is this officially a "near-miss" or a "near-collision?"
  10. MrClutch007

    Cleveland TRACON sector maps?

    Is there any place on line that has the Cleveland TRACON sectors, or either an SOP or LOA that outlines the sectors? Thanks
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    Flight Service

    Do they have nicknames or slang names for FSS personnel?
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    Help on a book

    I'm a former Army controller who is now a writer (and major aviation buff). I'm working on a novel that concerns the lives (in facility and out) of four controllers. The book (hopefully) is a fairly accurate account of the triumphs and tragedies that many controllers experience. It's not an...