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  1. meanjoe

    Is Whidbey Paying SSR?

    I'm looking at the salary posted in the job announcement and I cannot reconcile the posted salary with any figures that I know of. I've tried base plus ssr of 30, 25, and 20%. I've tried locality plus 5% AOU premium. Nothing really adds up to the posted salary.
  2. meanjoe

    Army Special Retirement Coverage Audit

    So the Army Brain Trust have decided that controllers hired in at a gs-9 (gs-2152-09) air traffic position are not eligible for SRC coverage while serving as a gs9 because the description of the job is does not meet the definition of an SRC position. I'll attach some of the documents they sent...
  3. meanjoe

    Facility Consolidation?

    Interesting read. Looks like all those rumors over the years are coming to fruition...or not. Didn't they just split several facilities?Thoughts? FAA Developing Detailed ATC Facility Consolidation Plans
  4. meanjoe

    ASO Office Closure?

    Does anybody know if the southern region offices in Atlanta are open today? They were closed yesterday. Of course they were. I need to check on something and an storm of biblical proportion strikes the southeast.
  5. meanjoe

    Random Funnies From the Tower/radar

    A real quick funny from several years ago. This controller actually passed away not too long ago so I hope it makes ya laugh. fuk cancer. Me-jeff you can't do that. Jeff-why not? Me-what if..(insert random what-if scenario) Jeff-Oh well they make new planes everyday and right now there's a...
  6. meanjoe

    Skipping the Academy Part 5.3

    I was almost looking forward to a refresher course to fill in the gaps that have formed over the years. It's been 11 years since i've been a trainee. I've always preached that trainee's are lower than whale sh!t (in jest of course). Now I find myself there again. Going to a lvl 9 M03. Coming...
  7. meanjoe

    Anybody M03 Besides Me?

    I'm starting March 9th. Anybody else? Tol? class date? start date? Am I rolling solo?.....Bueller?.....
  8. meanjoe

    Got the Call. Skipping Academy.

    I'm minding my own business at work when the call came on my work phone. I had already given up on hearing anything until after the new year. Got offered to start as soon as Jan 12, Feb 9, or Mar 9. I chose march since i need to sell my house and didn't want ot do so until I knew where I was...
  9. meanjoe

    Can't Send PM's

    No page load or error happen on my android phone using mobile network. Same thing for Firefox on work and home pc's. I get this error on IE: The website cannot display the page HTTP 500 Most likely causes: The website is under maintenance. The website has a programming error...
  10. meanjoe

    DOD to FAA Pay Take 2....

    Let's say I'm dod gs12-7 and going to a level 9. The way I understand it I'll lose my SSR and get paid my base pay plus locality starting out. This puts me in the upper D3 range for a level 9 facility. Here is some great info I found in an old ass thread. What isn't clear to me is what...
  11. meanjoe

    Sequester and DOD Controllers

    We're being told here at Ft Campbell that we're to be exempt. I'll believe it when I see it. I've already heard grumbles from our maintenance folks who were not told they would not be exempt. I'm hearing second hand info that Ft Hood controllers have already received notice that they were to...
  12. meanjoe

    Security Interview

    I got my tol in december (tn terminal) and have finished up everything I was suppose to. I have a meeting tomorrow with the security guy for a background check interview or something like that. I think he's FBI. He wanted to come to my work during my work hours for the interview. Should I...
  13. meanjoe

    TN Terminal Oct '12 Panel

    Any other Tn terminal folks from the most recent panel? There should have been 10ish of us. I know of 2 others besides me. One on here and one from the dod facility i currently work. Most of us will probably end up in memphis so I thought it might be a good idea to search y'all out.
  14. meanjoe

    Pay Question

    I've searched this and even dredged up an old thread for the answer with no luck. Post 12 and 13 were the most helpful. Moving from DOD to FAA and "saving" BASE pay and progression...
  15. meanjoe

    Any non cti or vra selected?

    Curious if anybody was picked up this past panel that was NOT CTI or VRA? I applied under the DOD and CTO bids. I know several others in my boat(no vra anymore) that were not picked up either. The DOD folks that I know who were picked up were selected on the VRA bids and not the REIDOD.