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  1. goaves2011

    Federal Contract Tower List

    Just a minor correction, DBQ is in IA not IL.
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    ATC meme's

    I wonder when her head will twist all the way around
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    October 2012 Panel

    Good luck on your redirect. I also have a family and two kids. My wife understands how hard it is even to get into a facility yet alone the academy. She will stay at our current home while working while I will attend the academy (hopefully next year). I'm sure you've talked to your husband about...
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    My experience with the New ATC Color deficiency/colorblind test

    I'd recommend you try Ask A Flight Surgeon - Air Traffic Control - ATC - Aviation Good luck man.
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    Mitt Romney on ATC

    I know, I was joking. I wonder how surprised Osama was before the final shot.
  6. goaves2011

    Mitt Romney on ATC

    If it were my call I'd have brought tagged him, brought him here, shaved off his beard, presented him to the families of those who were killed on 9/11 and if he survives that send him to America's worst prison to welcome his "72 virgins."
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    Hawker Beechcraft Announces Cuts, Layoffs

    That's a downer. Let's hope we see a recovery soon to get some more pilots in training.
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    Aerial Images Capture Sandy's Impact

    Now they are getting slammed by a winter storm.
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    FBO of the Week: Connell Flying Service (KDEH, Decorah, Iowa)

    I love the smaller airport FBO's. I've never used their service but I have flown past that airport many times while training.
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    Mitt Romney on ATC

    I wonder which one is in control?
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    Mitt Romney on ATC

    :) I believe this thread is irrelevant now. Let's move on and look to the future.
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    Here is your hacker...
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    Mitt Romney on ATC

    I'm fine with Unions as long as you have a choice and there are union leaders who really will look out for their members. I haven't heard anything really bad from NATCA in the news and have met some really excellent controllers in NATCA. I believe most of the bad reputations associated with...
  14. goaves2011

    Mitt Romney on ATC

    I don't think you acknowledge the complexity of the enormous amount of work that would take, not to mention the fact that they'd have to figure out if they'll continue with FAA academy, where CTO's and CTI's would go, etc. If Romney wins he'll cut programs, but with all that is going on right...
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    Mitt Romney on ATC

    That won't happen no matter who is in charge. The bureaucratic mess of paperwork that would ensue would dwarf the number of pages in the Library of congress.
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    Mitt Romney on ATC

    I've flown for years and have talked to both Federal towers as well as my homebase at a contract tower and have had the opportunity to monitor both. You guys can argue all day but both have worked efficiently in all my experiences and not once did I ever feel that my safety was compromised...