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    switching to ATC...a few questions

    I'll trade you your job for my 92.3% on the PUNBAT 8. :)
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    DSM and MSN

    Yea I've pretty much given up, I left 2 voicemails for the manager and never heard anything back.
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    Oakland Center - ZOA

    Any updates for ZOA?
  4. zoom6

    Where will you choose to work for PUBNAT8? fact DSM is the only location I want.
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    DSM and MSN

    I'm trying to get into DSM as well and looks like they are fully staffed.
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    Let's hear it for the pilots!

    270TT. CSEL/IR. Working on my CMEL and CFI now. I don't graduate until May so no hurry. I fly: C172R/SP Piper Arrow Beech Duchess
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    Minneapolis Tower - MSP

    I heard MSP Tower won't even take a newhire.
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    Des Moines - DSM

    hahaha don't give people any ideas. I'd never leave that job! Ready to be my FO on Wednesday? :)
  9. zoom6

    Des Moines - DSM

    Anybody know the outlook over the next few years? It's the only reason I applied for ATC, not really interested in other facilities. I left a vm for the manager and I'm waiting for a call back but it never hurts to get any extra info you guys might have.
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    Facilities with best odds...

    Is it true you want to be a controller because you're flying skills are subpar?
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    Probably another semester, have't looked into it. This semester I'm taking tower procedures, since I'm only interested in terminal. I guess I can always go back and do the CTI program if I can't get in through PUNBAT.
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    Hello from IA Thought I'd finally register after lurking for a while. Applied for Punbat 8, waiting to take the AT-SAT. I will be a senior at a CTI school, graduating May 2010. However, I did not go the CTI route, instead I went with aviation flight. I have 260 hours, CSEL/IR; will get my...