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  1. usaftmomike

    Alaska ZAN

    ZAN - Facility Swap Request
  2. usaftmomike

    Kona, Hawaii

    Who has this contract? Did midwest takeover or is SERCO still holding it? Also, how is the pay and work there? Would love to get more info from someone who works there or has worked there. Thanks.
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    10/21/14 En Route Basics

    Just got the call and didn't see a post yet for this date! Looking forward to it, I'll be driving down from Alaska.
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    Virgin Islands, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam

    Does anyone who is at the Academy know if those who are from "overseas" location, will get preference to remain at these locations or will no preference be given to these individuals? I've heard a rumor that those who are in these locations will get preference but again was just a rumor, so I...
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    Welcome Packet

    Good Afternoon all, Is there anything vital in the Welcome Packet? I am in Alaska and am planning on driving down to OKC which means I will need to leave about 10 days before class starts to give myself some decent time to get there. Is there anything required for me to fill out and return or...
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    Correct Medical Standards

    Greetings, Where can we find the medical standards the FAA uses to determine medical clearance? I have seen several sources but three seem to be the biggest ones people refer to. One is the FAA Order 3930.3B CHG 1. (
  7. usaftmomike

    GI Bill

    For those that have Post 9/11 GI Bill and were looking to use it; here is what the VA told me regarding the use at the FAA Academy: "If you are eligible for entitlement and you submit your VA form 22-1999 in a timely manner, you will receive a monthly house payment." It would appear as long as...
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    Selected for En Route - Hopeful Facility Poll

    Just trying to see where everyone wants to go, see if one facility is more "liked" than others haha. Unfortunately, can only post up to 10 options so I am going to go down the list on the FAA website and pick the first 9 on their list and 10th option is for "other" as in, if it isn't in the...
  9. usaftmomike

    Anyone Guard?

    Just curious if anyone is also in the Army Guard or Air Guard (traditional) while also in FAA as an ATC. If so, is the flexibility there to make sure you can get to drills on time or is it rather difficult to juggle the two?
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    Merrill Field - MRI

    Anyone on here at MRI? Is so, what is manning looking like for someone off this recent Feb bid to get a slot here? Thanks in advance.
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    What Were Your Geo Preferences?

    Hey all, I know we all still have a long way to go through the process (hopefully not too long though), but I was just curious to see what everyone's preferences are. Mine are: 1. West - Alaska, Washington, Idaho 2. Virgin Islands 3. Central - Colorado 4. East - Florida 5. Guam 6. Puerto Rico...