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  1. PopoySD

    ATC Speed assignment

    This has me itching tonight..I just got home from work, was metering to SFO & a couple of controllers were giving me the smirk/giggle/dumbass look when one of the big jets were doing 210kts when they took the sector from me....they said "they can't do that.." and kept mumbling that the whole...
  2. PopoySD

    Conway vs Decod (ZME & ZFW)

    Conway (ZME 21) & Decod (ZFW 42) getting into it. i thought this vid was pretty hilarious...granted it was a ZME controller who made the vid too. I work Decod (ZFW 42) on a regular basis btw...
  3. PopoySD

    Radar ATC video

    here's a sample of radar atc from Ft. Worth Center for those who have yet to see actual air traffic...remember the big sky theory? enjoy! 9/16/2011 - towards the end of thunderstorm season...the video does not depict NEXRAD so you don't see the actual weather rolling in thru ZFW, although the...
  4. PopoySD

    hello from tx

    hi there! i just decided to sign up on here to check out what's going on around our everlasting journey in atc. i currently work in ZFW. cool site! :D
  5. PopoySD

    So Cal TRACON - SCT

    hey fellas, i put in a bid for sct just this week and wanted to find out how it is down there. i currently work at ft worth center. i've been wanting to move back to cali because that's where my family is and we live about 5-10 min. away from the facility. any input would help. thanks! :D