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  1. Dale


    The union that represents the ATSS's is: Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS), AFL/CIO Their website is found at: PASS .
  2. Dale

    Trying to get some action going

    I just put a post up on PASS's website trying to get some action going in this forum. Let's hope it works. :goldwing:
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    New Executive Order - Labor/Management Forums

    President Obama has signed a new Executive Order establishing "Labor-Management Forums". See the new Order at: Creating Labor-Management Forums To Improve Delivery of Government Services
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope all of you have as much to be thankful for as I do. May the coming year be better yet. :goldwing: .
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    Local Taxi?

    I was researching a travel issue for a PASS member, and came across a little tidbit that I would like comment on. The travel issue can be found at ? 301-10.421 When may I use a taxi or shuttle service? This would seem to say, to my mind, that you could use a taxi to get to the office in...
  6. Dale

    FAA whistle-blower safety warnings found to have merit

    Check this out at FAA whistle-blower safety warnings found to have merit ? amFIX - Blogs Quite condemning of the FAA. Babbit won't be able to ignore this one, IMHO. :goldwing: .
  7. Dale

    The Foundation of NextGen?

    Here is what the FAA is hanging their hat on for NextGen. ________________________________________________________________ AvWeb :goldwing:
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    FAA's Air-Traffic Networks Breached by Hackers

    Has anyone seen this article? Check it out at: FAA's Air-Traffic Networks Breached by Hackers - We warned the FAA years ago that there were security concerns, and they didn't want to listen. Specifically, they wanted to tie the T&A (administrative) system into ARTS and STARS to...
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    Blog post by Robert Reich - Good reading

    Robert Reich's Blog: Why We Need Stronger Unions, and How to Get Them Information about Mr. Reich can be seen at Robert Reich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. .
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    Airports testing radar that could spot birds

    Just hang a GPS unit on every bird. Make them part of NEXGEN. LOL :jester: .
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    Christmas Holiday

    Bush gives federal employees extra day off (12/12/08) -- Bush gives federal employees extra day off By Brittany R. Ballenstedt December 12, 2008 President Bush on Friday ordered executive branch agencies to close on Friday, Dec. 26...
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    June 08 - PASS Pride Newsletter

    I just received this today, and thought some of you might be interested.
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    Personal Intro

    Hi, All. I am a retired Tech Ops (Airway Facilities) from FWA. A current and past PASS member. Many of the same issues affecting ATC are also issues for the people in Tech Ops, and that fueled my exit at the earliest practical time for me. I would have prefered to stay another 5 to 10 years...