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  1. NYcGaNgStEr

    Any applicants get referred and interviewed off this last panel (OCT09)?

    I'm just tryin to find out any information I could about the timeline from interviewed to TOL and TOL to OKC??
  2. NYcGaNgStEr

    Did anyone from the CTO announcement receive a TOL

    Anyone who got selected under the CTO from Oct. panels get their TOL?? I know VRA's who got theirs just trying to poke around for a CTO applicant who received one.... I interviewed 2 1/2 weeks ago and still waiting
  3. NYcGaNgStEr

    14OCT09 New Close Date?

    Anyone notice now the current announcement closes on 14OCT09!! So if they wait until this date to generate referral lists then the panels won't go down until early NOV! I hope i'm wrong but I can't stand waiting I need to see some progress
  4. NYcGaNgStEr

    Got MY email ATSAT!!

    Hey got my email this afternoon to take the ATSAT in Peachtree, GA ... Since I'm VRA with a CTO and prior experience should I even go? What do you guys think I should do? I'm probably gonna get picked up prior to this PUBNAT8 even considering me! I just want in quickly! some advice please.
  5. NYcGaNgStEr

    VRA or CTO Timeline?

    Any VRA or CTO applicants already in the process? (Applied, PEPC, TOL, FOL, OKC etc. or even finally at your facility) If so could you list a timeline of when you applied and how long it took to get where your at? Please no PUBNATS or CTI's! no offense I read your info as well but you guys...
  6. NYcGaNgStEr

    Anyone Know When Panels commence next?

    If anyone knows about the panels in Aug. then around which week would referral lists come out?
  7. NYcGaNgStEr

    Info On Referral Lists CTO/VRA

    So I just got off the phone with a HR rep. and she told me the ATO from all regions meet in OKC quarterly to generate referral lists. She said that the next time this will happen is not until Aug. or Sep. .. I've heard many people talk about July being the next time referral lists come out! I'm...
  8. NYcGaNgStEr

    How often do referral lists generate?

    I just finished my VRA / CTO apps. and wondering if anyone knows how often they create new lists and about how long is average for waiting to see something.
  9. NYcGaNgStEr

    Military To FAA help!

    How's it going guys? I've been getting great advice from everyone on this forum. This is my situation.. I'm currently looking at the announcements that closes 30SEP09 for VRA, CTO, anything that gets me an FAA job. I don't start Terminal leave until mid FEB09 and complete separation in...