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  1. Knowlton

    Training and NATCA involvement?

    I am a Developmental and very interested in getting involved in NATCA (i.e. Training/Academy courses, meetings and events) but don't know if I am able or i would get frowned upon since I'm still in training. I am in the Union, but i know since i am still in training and in my probationary period...
  2. Knowlton

    Best Living in OKC?

    Not to sound cocky or even bragging, but I want the best OKC has to offer. Everyone talks about price, but I am willing to pay good money for good living. I'm only going to be there for 3 weeks and looking for who offers the most and the best... does any providers or members have insight on what...
  3. Knowlton

    Hurricane Bill now Category 4 storm

    Hurricane Bill became a dangerous Category 4 storm with top sustained winds near 135 mph early Wednesday, and forecasters said it could get even stronger as it howls over the open Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center said people in the Leeward Islands should monitor Bill's progress, though...
  4. Knowlton

    JR aka KN (SSC and now Bagram)

    Hey, What's up my ATC people! Controlling the world for about 6 1/2 years. Only 24 years old and have worked at Shaw AFB, Balad AB, and now Bagram AB for Midwest ATC Inc.heard about stuck mic forever ago and lookin for more insight on the ATC World