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    Stuck on referred.

    Agency: Federal Aviation Administration Job Title: Air Traffic Control Specialist - Trainee Series & Grade: FG-2152-1 Announcement #: FAA-ATO-17-ALLSRCE-53474 My status on the aviator site still says “A referral list for Pool 2 was issued. Your application is among those being reviewed. Please...
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    Apply for Open Bid or Graduate First?

    I'll try and make this short. I've been to a CTI school for Air traffic control, dropped out in 2014-2015 due to the past hiring practices. I took the biographical questionnaire back then and failed as many other did. I'm now a senior in college about to graduate with a bachelors in business...
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    Best Route for Becoming Hired Either by the FAA or Contracts?

    "Based upon your responses to the Biographical Assessment, we have determined that you are NOT eligible for this position as a part of the current vacancy announcement." Well this sucks! I really want this, more than anything. What should be my next step? I don't wanna play the waiting game...