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  1. rogersjf

    Enroute Radar Bible

    Radar Bible (Study purpose only, some of these procedures may have changed and or are worng) I. VFR calls up requesting flight following 1.If R-side writes the ACID, Type/Suffix and Route down on a blank strip, great. If I am not busy, than I should write it down 2.Take info and enter a VP msg...
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    Initial Enroute Coursework

    Keep a look out will be posting soon . . .
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    Current Enroute Grading System

    A. Separations A-1a Separation is ensured – Acft to Acft or MEA violations – 16 Pts A-1b Separation is ensured – Acft to airspace – 12 Pts B. Coordination B-3 Preforms handoffs/pointouts – 9 Pts B-4 Required coordinations are preformed – 8 Pts C. Control Judgement C-5 Good control judgement is...
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    Non radar evals

  5. rogersjf

    11/16/11 Enroute Initial

    Is anyone in this class? If so have you got the FOL yet?
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    Taxes and OKC

    Just wondering how it works concerning taxes (State and Local) while working in Okc, is this all explained to you in the welcome package?
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    10/11/11 Enroute

    11/16 Initial for this class
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    March '10 & Oct. '09

    Just seeing how many of us are left waiting for OKC, I assume there is still a good amount. Please only vote if you were selected in the above stated panels. Mar '10 ZDC (blwfl180 sigs tell the story most of the time)
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    Large amount of people retiring on the brink?

    Well it is official both republicans and democrats support cutting federal pensions, however the fine details have not been released. Could this be the last janga block that will knock over the people mulling about retiring and who are eligible? It is still just all theory until it gets voted on...
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    JFK Ground Collision

    JFK Ground Collision ***Audio*** Anyone have the audio pulled off liveatc yet? It could of been alot worse but dam did that comair take a 180, I wonder if this was a case of the A380 just being to big for "normal" operations and other planes having enough space to get thru there. The video is...
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    Elite member but still have ads in the forums, doesn't really bother me but thought you should know
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    Look for updates soon on hiring soon

    Talked to some people today(old boss in the region and HR rep) ATO will be adjusting the FY'11 numbers within the next week. Most facilities will see a drop in expected OKC slots and some classes will be cancelled, this will most likely not affect many who have low wait list numbers (TOL 08-09)...
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    House Confirms Mica

    Maybe something could get done during this lame duck session? House Confirms Mica As Transportation Chair | AVIATION WEEK
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    Interesting report, confirms everything

    I am not to sure if this was brought up on the forums due to me being in Japan when it was released, if so please disregard and close. Anyways the OIG report (AV-2010-126) FAA's Air Traffic Controller Optimum Training Solution Program: Sound Contract Management Practices are Needed to Achieve...
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    Issues Connecting to SM

    I have had some issues connecting to SM last couple days, the server is timing out and not responding. However using a proxy I am still able to connect any help on SM end?
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    After FY 2012?

    Any rumblings about what is going on or what the contract states for FY '13? Its only two years away and I am sure many who will get picked up in FY'11 will not see a OKC date by the end of FY'12.
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    Basics Test

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the basics test that is given at OKC is on everything in all the ATB's or is it terminal/enroute specific based on what you were picked up for. IE being enroute and knowing runway markings and getting questions on that.
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    Too funny/ FAA "FedEx" Reauthorization Bill

    Not to sure if this was ever post but if so it always deserves a little laugh!! FedEx Drivers Aren't Pilots Either way this provision needs to go or get passed it has no effect on the FAA bill just that it is holding it up.
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    TOL question

    I know i have seen this before but i just cannot seem to find the answer. I got the Email from my rep. today with the forms to fill out (OF306,Family Relationship etc) now in the email it states; "As soon as the Air Traffic Organization authorizes the release of your tentative job offer, I will...
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    Enroute Poll

    Just wanted to get a small sample of where everyone is in the process for ENROUTE. Please post you facility also. ZDC