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  1. FL_CTI

    New Housing Per Diem Policy Starting 06/01/2019

    Thanks. Just waiting an RTF date. If I am understanding correctly, I can still pocket some per diem if I stay at a cheaper housing provider?
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    Are you a current NATCA member?
  3. FL_CTI

    Can Someone Explain This?

    Ah. Thought that was a done deal. Apologies.
  4. FL_CTI

    Can Someone Explain This?

    Thought NATCA was able to bring Flight Service guys the ability to ERR into ATC?
  5. FL_CTI

    CTO Schools?

    The CTO schools have received a bad rep on these boards in years past. I am already in the Agency so I don't have a dog in this fight, but can you outline your experience with the school? Are you currently working as a controller somewhere? What can you tell us?
  6. FL_CTI

    Start Date 3/13/19...anyone else

    How are you starting in the middle of the pay period?
  7. FL_CTI

    HWD - NCT Swap

    Three-level cap for swaps. Sorry bud.
  8. FL_CTI

    RPO Strike 2018

    I was with Raytheon 2011-2012. Or are they only unionized in OKC?
  9. FL_CTI

    Any Info on These Places? Ty!

    Among all those, I would choose GSO. Lvl 7 up/down, cheap cost of living. Many controllers there do very well at places like RDU and CLT, and they don't have to move very far. All the major airlines service GSO and HondaJet has their production facility there. Older tower, but they have a lot of...
  10. FL_CTI

    RPO Strike 2018

    Since when are RPO's unionized? I wasn't represented when I was one.
  11. FL_CTI

    Rocky Mountain Metro Tower-BJC

    Responded to your PM. Let me know what other questions you might have.
  12. FL_CTI


    It's a boring test. You fail the first time,you have to wait 2 weeks to retake it. You won't use 98% of the information they give you. Not sure how chill your ATM is, but if he is, take notes and use them to pass the test. You only need to take it once, as long as whatever facility you transfer...
  13. FL_CTI

    AT Basics

    4. 5 additional weeks of seniority over someone who didn't go.
  14. FL_CTI

    Transportation from the Airport to Housing Options

    If you stay at Kim's Place, you can make arrangements in advance for her or John to pick you up from the airport to your house, and drop you off once you graduate. Not sure what the other providers do. For transportation to the Academy, as others have said, make friends with someone with a car...
  15. FL_CTI

    What Does "flow" Mean?

    And as we found out at our facility, CFRs are -2/+1.
  16. FL_CTI

    What is a "short Approach"?

    Depends on how the pilot defines "short approach". Most of the time, when I issue the clearance, I assume they are going to turn their base abeam the numbers or very soon thereafter, but I have seen pilots fly 1/2 a mile out and call that a short approach. The AIM is simply there for guidance...
  17. FL_CTI

    Travel Home Question

    I booked mine in advance, before I saw the company the FAA contracted travel arrangements to. It was no big deal. They ended up reimbursing me for my expenses.
  18. FL_CTI

    Clearance Interview

    I did mine back in 2012 after I had been given an FOL. You usually meet at a library or other public place and they go over your background. Just be honest, as they already have the answers you provided them and be prepared to explain any gaps in employment or debts, or whatever they may throw...
  19. FL_CTI

    Flight Deck Training with United

    It's been a while since I've done FDT with Southwest, but if I recall correctly, the ticket agent gives you the ACM/OMC form. Basically, just a boarding pass to get into the cockpit.