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    Tower CPC To Tracon

    Hi all I'm currently a CPC at a level 6 tower only interested in putting in for some stand alone TRACONs that are 11s and 12s. From what I understand I would have to go to OKC for RTF since I haven't been, but would I have to also attend TSEW and TETRA? I have a child on the way in 2 months, so...
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    HUF- Terre Haute Hulman Field

    Anybody have any info on the area and airport? Just finished PA's today and we are looking into this location.
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    05/17/16 Terminal Basics

    I just got this date today, Im looking at IB if I can get booked into the FAA lodge (I believe its a 3 bedroom duplex) or Kims. Who else has this date.
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    Sickle Cell and ATC

    Hi Doc, I have Sickle Cell SC, and was wondering if this is something that will DQ me during the medical screening. I do not have Sickle Cell Anemia. A little back ground I haven not been hospitalized because of it in almost 8 years, one of my past doctors was able to help me figure out ways to...