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  1. KUweatherman

    Comparison of BQ Answers

    Examples? Honestly curious.
  2. KUweatherman

    Comparison of BQ Answers

    That confirms that may answers were generally in agreement with the majority. Only real difference were my HS/college math grades, lol.
  3. KUweatherman

    Comparison of BQ Answers

    Submitted. Can't guarantee the answers on this one were an exact replica of the actual BQ, but I tried to remember the best I could.
  4. KUweatherman

    I'm Starting to Feel Much Better About Being Picked Up for This Bid.

    Probably the case as I don't have one. As far as transcripts go, I wasn't using that to help me qualify. However, I did include my unofficial transcript from my 4 year school as it includes everything from all the other colleges/universities I attended as well.
  5. KUweatherman

    Biographical Questions

    If that is the case, I'm a shoo-in! lol
  6. KUweatherman

    Application Status Update

    I got the email as well. Freaked me out at first. Thought, "Man, that was fast. Can't be good." So I was relieved to see that it was just the 'Received' update, lol
  7. KUweatherman

    AT-SAT Question

    Probably THIS book. It's the one I have anyways and sounds similar.
  8. KUweatherman

    I Turn 31 in March, Can I get hired?

    I'm in this boat as well, but keeping my fingers crossed. My 31st birthday is near the end of May. You won't get hired if you don't apply.