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    2015 OTS Passed AT-SAT but Not Hired

    Anyone get this? I spoke to aviation careers and stated i passed but just wasn't selected. Does anyone know if they still do vet preference?
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    ATC and AF Reserve

    Anyone ever try to go to FAA while being in the Reserve? With the new hiring practice, you could get moved and i was wondering how hard is to to move while in the Reserves. Anyone have any exp with changing bases?
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    Air Force Reserves and FAA ATC

    Can you be in the reserves and be an ATC with FAA? Anyone have any instances where it caused problems for them?
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    USAF Reserve and ATC

    Anyone go through the reserves and go to the ATC program? Any advice?
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    Failed PV at Academy / Second Chance

    Has anyone failed the PV at the academy and went back to academy for a second time? I took the CTO test they employ and got an 80. Wonder if there is any advantage? Anything I should bring up when re applying ? I failed on the last day, just due to my local runs.
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    Changing Runways if a Pilot Requests Specific

    I know us as ATC'ers have the final say on what runway a pilot uses for departure, but is there a specific process to send a pilot to another runway? A legal document that states anything about this?
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    KFLO - Florence, SC Tower/Tracon

    Anyone got an info on this facility?
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    Which Level Facility to Start At?

    I am really stuck at staying at a low level facility to get my feet wet first. Tower only with radar. I seen a few others with approach but now you start going up levels. Of course having tracon exp will help me later in my career but i don't want to overwhelm myself. Just seeing some logical...
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    ABE - Lehigh Valley Int. Airport | Tower/Tracon

    Anyone got any info on this facility as far as hours/pattern work/volume/ any general information about the facility?
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    MMU - Morristown Airport

    Anyone have any facility information for MMU? Tower hours? Traffic volume?
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    Pad Management Tips

    I know every facility has their own standards regarding pad management but any tips?
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    OKC - Will Rodgers Contact Info

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    Best Bet to Be Winning in Academy Is..

    Study/read the at basics link they give you with your TOL before you come to the academy. I cannot stress you enough, read that, get familiar with it. Academy is all memory!
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    IB Rideshare / Skatepark Maybe?

    Staying at IB right now till december. Anyone bring there board/bike/blades and want to take a ride down to that mat hoffman action park? Its free. I don't got a car but will help with gas. I got a bike, hope it can fit LOL
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    Tower or Tracon Terminal Training

    How do they decide at the end which one youll end up at? Is terminal training both?
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    Public Transportation in the Area by IB?

    Any Public Transportation in the area by IB? My full coverage insurance doesn't cover other cars outside my policy so i am SOL ( Florida ). And also, does anyone know what route IB is on for the faa shuttle?
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    Academy to Work Location Timeline

    Has anyone gone through class lately and can let us know how they made out with passing class than reporting to duty? Was there enough time for you? Did you sign leases in a short time frame? How was your experience?
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    Bring Backpacks?

    Do you guys/gals suggest bringing backpacks to the academy? You haul a lot of coursework back and forth?
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    Employment Verify

    Did anyone else notice their employment information details were a lot more detailed than usual? Even incorrect? I thought there were laws about that stuff LOL I didn't lie but i was shocked cause that has never happened before.
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    How does FAA feel on using glasses?