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    8/17 Enroute Basics

    I just created a facebook group for our class - search: 8/17/18 En Route Basics and I will add you.
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    8/17 Enroute Basics

    Very cool! Should we get a facebook group going?
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    8/17 Enroute Basics

    I went to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, graduated in 2016. What's your experience with ATC?
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    8/17 Enroute Basics

    I’m in this class as well - signed the FOL last week. I’ll be coming from Michigan with my wife. We are looking at a place called Waters Edge - it’s not on the housing list but I’ve talked with them and rent is about $700 for 1 bed unfurnished. If we get in, we will bring our own furniture. It’s...
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    Missing a Day at the Academy

    In the same boat as well, getting married 6/16 and waiting on FOL. I’ve seen people post about getting it pushed back for their own wedding
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    06/07/2018 Enroute Basics

    Haven't received this date, but I take it you're a WMU grad? What did you study? I'm a class of '16 flight science grad... Waiting for medical clearance and class date.
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Just got an email from patriots saying TOL paperwork is received. Pool 2 Enroute