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    An FAA Official said a PUBNAT is coming APRIL / MAY

    I have talked to two major airports in Texas and both have said they have heard nothing of a "hiring freeze" or whatever you wanna call it...this was further confirmed by an FAA official when I called the information line 1-800-tell-faa.
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    DFW airport tour

    1) I just took a tour this weekend at DFW international. I talked to the operations manager and I think he said it would only take 1 - 1 1/2 years to fininsh the training for a tower position. Does this sound right or did i misunderstand? 2) If the opp. mgr. likes you, can they pull strings...
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    Can you update your app w/ recently completed college hrs.?

    I can add 15 college hrs. in 3 months to my PUBNAT application. Will the additional hours help or is not possible
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    What is the best way to find out what airports are hiring?

    When I list my geo. preferences, which ones are actually looking for staff?
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    I want to purchase a Green Book new or used!

    If you have a Green Book for the AT-SAT, I would like to purchase it! Or tell me where to get one online.
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    ATC scenario game vs real ATC

    How does the game difficulty level say when theres 7-12 planes on the game compare to the real deal. Can this game tell me if I would be a good ATC?
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    Geo preferences

    When you list your 2 states for geo preferences, do you get anwsers for both 1st and 2nd picks, or just one?
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    Pay during the FAA academy

    The example I have is... Jenny who has been hired by Atlanta ARTCC (level 12). On the first day of class at the academy, she will be paid an annual salary of 33,100 plus locality... I have now been told that you get like $8.50-? an hour for daily living expences and upon graduation you receive...
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    Types of ATC

    I thought you just safely sling aircrafts around. Now i realize it is split-up into a few diffrent catagories. Where can i look to find out about all the types of ATC, level of difficulty, avalibality, pay, ect....
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    PUBNAT applications "who may apply" what am I looking for as an OTS

    When applying in my case I will use work exp. / college hrs. 1) If I use part-time work do I need more work history than usual. 2) What is best to use, sales jobs or food servers (they have to multitask ). 3) What info do I need to apply besides the name, SS ect.
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    What are the main reasons / factors that will allow an OTS to land a level 12 fac.

    If you score around 92 on the OC-ACT and pass the other requirements can you get a level 12 facility
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    What does PUBNAT 1,2,3,4 etc mean?

    Pubnat? OK what does PUBNAT 1,2,3,4,ect.