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    ATSS Positions Nationwide

    I didn't see FL as an option here right?
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    ATSS Positions Nationwide

    Has anyone seen any FL locations open up ever?
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    Not Referred

    I was referred after ATSAT but then sent to not hired.
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    2015 OTS Passed AT-SAT but Not Hired

    Have you seen that happen Ambers?
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    2015 OTS Passed AT-SAT but Not Hired

    Yes i passed the one that was given a year ago. ATO makes the decisions to hire people is what i was advised but what is crazy is how do you find out why. They are complaining about shortages but don't want to tell you how to improve your chances.
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    2015 OTS Passed AT-SAT but Not Hired

    Anyone get this? I spoke to aviation careers and stated i passed but just wasn't selected. Does anyone know if they still do vet preference?
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    2015 ATC Scenarios Efficiency Scores

    The way it went last year, we got an email from HR. No mail, nothing.
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    i am in the AFR Reserve, i called HR and they said try anyways cause possibility school dates wont be till mid next year anyways.
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    8/3/2015 Terminal

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    8/3/2015 Terminal

    o wow, you waited a long time! lol good luck sir. tabletops will be fun.
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    8/3/2015 Terminal

    is this for OTS or prior exp?
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    ATSAT Questions?

    Nerves will get you more than anything i promise ( passed it once and going for it again soon ).
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    Academy Failures - Listen Up!

    You should have seen my class, almost all of the class spent 20+ minutes writing reviews of the course's we went through. They had ALOT to say, even the ones who PASSED.
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    Academy Failures - Listen Up!

    I had a great time at OKC and it was an eye opener. I still love the job even though i did not pass. Quite a few people in my class failed, 5 failed ( i think out of 12-13 ). Even the people who did pass, thought the local PA was hard. I just find it interesting that the ones that did pass, just...
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    ATC and AF Reserve

    Anyone ever try to go to FAA while being in the Reserve? With the new hiring practice, you could get moved and i was wondering how hard is to to move while in the Reserves. Anyone have any exp with changing bases?
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    Looking holds ATC more responsible and is crucial for VFR. If yall say looking, you can't leave it up to the pilots to separate themselves under VFR. If yall say, in sight or something like that, we can rest.
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    Green Check? Post Here

    How old are you? 27 How many times have you applied? 2nd time Do you have experience in the aviation industry? None Did you attend a CTI school? No Are you a military veteran? No Any other info you'd like to share? SW 798 Academy Tower, Runway 28R cleared for takeoff!
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    Green Check? Post Here

    What is the word with the Green check but No Referral Lists have been created for Announcement?
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    Open Bid for ATSS

    Do the ATSS techs drive there own personal vehicle between sites?
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    Air Force Reserves and FAA ATC

    Has anyone ran into the problem where you had to move due to options for FAA and your PCS Base? I wonder how that gets all handled if you have to move for FAA.