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    Whos Going To ZNY

    Don't go crazy waiting... Its the FAA and you need to realize that its gonna happen. For those worrying about the numbers dont go crazy either, the number is what they hope to get based on class availability at OKC. We hope/try to get 50 but in reality we only get 25-30 after the washouts. So...

    New York Center - ZNY

    Let me say this folks...... Don't start talking shit especially based off the medias report of things. What the media reported is nowhere near what actually happened and I have seen the live playback of the real tapes. The report that this "whistleblower" made and that incident have nothing to...

    New York Center - ZNY

    You will find out what are you are assigned to usually on the first or second day since they are planning your arrival to have all your books ready on your first day. First couple of days will have a lot of meet and greets with different staff, managers, union officials, etc. As to training...

    Request a redirect before OKC?

    If it is considered a promotion, a pay raise, or higher level position they MUST release you within a reasonable period of time. If it is a downgrade or equal position they do not necessarily have to release you within that reasonable period if at all.

    EnRoute PV Discussion

    Re: PV for enroute? Guys you need to remember one important thing about the PV....they are NOT looking for you to run a perfect problem but for you to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts they taught you and apply them.... They want to see a good use of phraseology and procedures but...

    EnRoute PV Discussion

    Re: PV Problems 34-36 are designed to rip you a new one but also try to encourage you to speed up.... Don't worry as long as you kind of kept up and didnt get killed you will have no issue since the PV problems are in the 20's level wise....

    B757-200...Heavy or Not?

    OOps! Wow I completely messed that up... I meant to say Medium...

    B757-200...Heavy or Not?

    Just finished a course up at ZNY and was reminded ICAO considers all 757 as heavy for filing purposes...... but NAS/FAA consider 753 and higher as heavy.... who knows anymore... but I believe NATCA does suggest you seperate all as heavy.....

    EnRoute PV Discussion

    Re: PV Not a problem...... oh and one other thing.... When you have your "debrief" on PV day, DO NOT supply ammunition against yourself. When asked how you did say "fine" so the evaluator doesn't ask why you think that and realizes he missed a few things. Always give a good but short...

    EnRoute PV Discussion

    Re: PV I also just PV'd with Bip. Here are some things I can think of off the top of my head, I am sure he will probably agree with some or say the same things. -Know your phraseology -Know the obvious/common point outs (Ex. Hater-SQS, PBF-GPT, HBG-VKS) -Read the ENTIRE strip -Glance at the...

    Switching Facilities

    If you are trying to move to a higher level facility position which has openings or to a specialized/sup it supposedly is considered a "promotion" and the facility must provide a date to release you to it however I think its within 90 days or something, and some facilities don't like to wait...

    Clearance Prefix

    The reason this is here is that if you give a clearance to say an airline dispatcher/company to give to their aircraft for some odd reason or if you give it to one aircraft to relay to another....In those situation you would state "ATC CLEARS.......", but to FSS you don't need to do it since...

    Stuck Mic Facility Locator

    What about Guam and Puerto Rico.....

    ATC Map memorization tips

    Re: got any maps memorization tips? I broke it down. Make about 30 copies or so of the blank map. Take about 25 of them and set the other 5 or so aside. Draw the Airways ONLY 25 times. Then Label the VOR's and Airways 25 times. Then Label and mark the intersections 25 times. Then do the...

    For those heading to the Academy starting in June and later.

    The enroute class is currently setup as follows: -Map Test (Must Score a 90+) -Block Test 1 (NonRadar- 80+) -Block Test 2 (NonRadar Seperation- 80+) -Written NonRadar PV (70+) -NON GRADED Non Radar Problem Evaluation -Block 3 Exam (80+) -Radar Lab PV (Pass/Fail With Retake) A guy from the PV...

    Welcome to the fun part. What facility are you going to?

    Welcome to the fun part. What facility are you going to?

    Farmingdale Tower - FRG

    Re: Frg in ny? Yea FRG is a small tower that is part time only. It is open from 7am to 11pm local time every day. They have alot of VFR traffic especially on weekends with lots of flight training. The SUNY Farmingdale aviation program is based there and provides a decent amount of steady...

    New FAA Adminstrator

    Haha I think its so comical how the news never ever refers to a center or tracon. Unless something negative happens involving one the only ATC facilities are towers haha.

    Its going very well. I am now in the non radar labs and really enjoying the time actually...

    Its going very well. I am now in the non radar labs and really enjoying the time actually applying some of the things we are learning.