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    Fort Irwin, CA

    Anyone else here get an offer from Fort Irwin? I just got my pre-employment papers emailed to me today. I heard they were hiring between 6 to 8 controllers through this announcement.
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    A friend of mine got accepted on two bids when he was WELL over 120 days out, but I don't think they're doing that anymore. Hell, I'm 123 days out and I'm kinda worried about getting screwed over those three days. Although, as I've always been told, it never hurts to apply anyways.
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    RVA Job Openings

    Any idea what specific facilities they're looking for people at? I'm currently Navy at KNFW but I'm getting out in September. I have Spinks, Arlington, Denton, and Dallas Executive within the metroplex that I've been thinking about.
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    Prior Experience Bid Open 12/3/18-12/9/18 OTS to Open Early Next Year

    Anybody ever applied twice to one bid? Like, with two different USAJobs profiles?
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    Reapplying to ATC Open Bid

    What facility are you at?
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    Potomac TRACON - PCT

    That's what I'm waiting on, man. Didn't get picked up for the August '18 off-the-street bid likely because I'm more than a year from my EAOS. Hopefully a prior-ex announcement posts at the right time for me.
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    Passing and Diverging

    Can passing and diverging be applied between facilities without coordination? The concept of PAD itself is one we've had at my facility for the longest time, but we all seem to interpret it differently. Because of the way our facility and the facility directly east of us - only about 4 miles...
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    Potomac TRACON - PCT

    Damn. That's not the first time I've heard that about level 9 and below. I have radar experience, but not approach control. I doubt it would get me there. Sounds like a great situation for anybody to head into, but I'll probably end up elsewhere, unfortunately.
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    What is a "short Approach"?

    In my experience, "approved" anything in the pattern is basically the same as flying a closed pattern. The citation jets I've seen hit the peak of their base anywhere from 1 to even 3 miles out. They all usually fly however they want as long as they're allowed.
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    Skipping AT Basics

    I personally wouldn't skip it with the option. It's always the little shit that you forget about that gets you later on.
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    Potomac TRACON - PCT

    Anybody currently at PCT still around and can tell me how you guys are doing, staff-wise? I looked at the staff chart on pointsixtyfive, and says PCT has a lot of developmentals and a quite a few outbounds. I put in for the open bid last month, but I'm hoping for a prior bid that might be able...
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    July 27th 2018 OTS Bid Announcement

    Well, shit, I've been checking USAJobs every damn day like an idiot. I've got email notifications on my desktop and on my phone for every email account I have because I forgot exactly which one I gave them. Hoping to hear something towards the end of month.
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    The referral list for what bid?
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    2018 Bids & ATSA Difficulty

    The math problems are worded in broken English. Takes a couple re-reads to follow what they're asking sometimes. And the air traffic scenario simulation wasn't responsive for me either.
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    July 27th 2018 OTS Bid Announcement

    Did your status never change from "Received" or did you get a notification saying you were found ineligible?
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    July 27th 2018 OTS Bid Announcement

    I understand they only do one of these bids per year, but does anyone know if it's the same for prior experience bids? Anybody know if there will be another prior experience bid again before the year is out?
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    FAA Facilties Map (Feb. 2018)

    I really want to go to PCT. That is the absolute perfect setup for me.
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    July 27th 2018 OTS Bid Announcement

    Friend of mine that got picked up for the New York TRACON bid back in March heard something literally 30 days after he submitted his application, and that was considered a quick turnaround for him. He's all the way through the process and is heading to OKC next month. That's a rarity from what I...
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    Pay Differences

    I'm at Fort Worth JRB. We're tower and RATCF. Approach control is at DFW so I have radar but not approach control experience.
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    Pay Differences

    Does prior experience matter at all in regards to what non-center level facilities you may get to pick from? As in possibly getting something above a level 7? According to the latest facility placement chart, I know they have at least one slot reserved for a prior experience controller at...