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  1. rageaster

    Facility Swap Link Not Working

    Hi facility swap isn’t working on the site can this be fixed no one can click on my swap requests. Thank you.
  2. rageaster

    California ZLA

    ZLA - Facility Swap Request
  3. rageaster

    Question for CPC’s on Holding Instructions

    Hey guys close to cpc’ing myself but this one question keeps kicking my ass and I’ve heard so many different methods around my facility it’s not even funny. Unfortunately there aren’t any good examples in the 7110 so I’m asking you all can you clarify this section... “HOLD (direction) OF...
  4. rageaster

    Formation and MARSA question

    I'm training at an ARTCC right now and I couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for in regards to MARSA and flight join ups/break ups. I read another topic on this board with some brief info but no cigar. I'm basically looking for a general rule of thumb on how to initiate a flight join up and...
  5. rageaster

    Switching Aircraft on Instrument Approach?

    Hey guys I have a quick question. I've been looking around and I can't find it anywhere. I've always been under the impression that you switch an aircraft prior to final approach fix to the tower but I can't find it anywhere. I've read transfer of jurisdiction 4-7-9 which states "transfer radio...
  6. rageaster

    TOL Update... *rumor*

    Obviously this is only talk that is going around but this is what I heard from someone I know currently working at a center, other controllers have confirmed this rumor going around. Thought I would post on here to see if anyone has heard similar things. "The Academy will remain closed through...
  7. rageaster

    Next opening/panel for hiring?

    Hey everyone, would anyone happen to know when the next hiring bracket is for the FAA? I heard rumors about July but that was back in March/April. Also with the new USAJOBS system how would that work exactly? Would a person just be applying for certain states? Thank you!
  8. rageaster

    CTO Duration Question

    I've only had my CTO 10 months but I see that most companies such as RVA require 2 years consecutive experience. Do they make special circumstances or if a controller doesn't have 2 years he or she is screwed? The FAA states 6 months is all that's needed but these contract companies are making...
  9. rageaster

    Veteran with CTI question...

    I'm a vet and I'm working on my CTI , does anyone know if I will for sure be able to apply for VRA, CTO (I have one), REINDOD, and CTI announcements? And if I can will I still receive 5 or 10 point VET preference on the CTI application? I would think I'd be a shoe in with all these applications...
  10. rageaster

    South Florida Train Companies?

    Has anyone had any luck with these or know of anyone who has? I applied to the Tri-Rail and Metro Rail recently and I'm hoping that even though there's no current position available they will consider my application at the very least.