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    Hmm that's weird, but my email is

    Hmm that's weird, but my email is
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    Retaking AT-SAT after your score "timed out"?

    My 3 year mark is at the end of this year. I graduated CTI Dec '09 and took the ATSAT in Oct of '09, got a Q score. Do you still have the numbers of who you contacted to set it up for the retake? I know my Q is the main reason why I haven't been selected yet, especially since it's getting so...
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    Few questions for current RPO guys

    This is what I was thinking of doing also while I am waiting for atc. I also have another question for the RPO people, is it worth moving to another state to do? I am from Michigan and I have a phone interview for a RPO position at Oklahoma city, I am just wondering if it would be a good idea to...
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    about to make an investment in it worth it?

    I actually went to that school in Oct. and received my dispatching license. From my experience they are a great school and really help you with passing and getting the license. The toughest part about this school is the ADX, that test is a bitch. The school will give you a study guide to use for...
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    dispatch question

    I always never understood either why you have to be 23 yet can get everything at 21. I was able to take the written, pass a class, and pass the oral exam for dispatching but yet I can't legally dispatch until I'm 23. Only thing I'm missing is a card I have to go get when I turn 23.....kinda...
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    Dispatch to ATC

    I had the same idea as you did, getting the dispatching license while waiting for ATC, although i just got mine and graduated in DEC of 09. Unfortunately for me I'm having a hard time finding a job in that field as well, I think it's because of my age though. Hopefully it works out better...
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    Qualified Applicate Nov. Panal 2011

    Re: Qualified Applicant Nov. Panal 2011 Thanks for that information, it is really helpful! The states i have down right now are MI/CO so I'm hoping not as many people pick those states. Also, How do you get contacts with people who have to do with the hiring or can recommend you to the...
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    Qualified Applicate Nov. Panal 2011

    Ok not to make me look like an idiot but I just noticed I misspelled Panel* on this thread, please don't this I'm too big of an idiot for that one lol :blush:
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    Qualified Applicate Nov. Panal 2011

    So i'm new to this site, I'll apologize if something similar to this was already posted. If that's the case could someone just point me in the right direction? Anyways, I graduated CTI in 2009 and have a qualified score on my AT-SAT. I'll have to retake it in Oct. of 2012 and I hope to get...