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    Facility Rating Question

    Hello everyone! Just a quick question... I keep seeing the phrase "CTO with Facility Rating". I know a CTO is a Control Tower Operator certificate, but if someone could explain the facility rating portion to me, that would be fantastic. I know facilities are rated from a scale of 5-10 (or...
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    Next Opening

    Anyone know when they are going to open the next bid for people w/o 52 weeks experience?
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    Hi All, Is there any paperwork that maybe I could get a head start on before the bid coming up? Thanks!
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    2015 Hiring Announcement Rumor Mill

    Original subject: Any Word on the Next Announcement? Anyone have any insight as to when the next announcement is going to be?
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    Biographical Test

    Hi Guys, I am an off the street prospective applicant awaiting the next job announcement. I work at an airport and spent some time in the tower talking to the ATC asking about the process. When they mentioned the personality test, I was intrigued as to what has been going on with it. Does...