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  1. J

    May 8th???

    Anyone else have this date?
  2. J

    20/20 Vision

    Dr. Orsak, I have 20/20 with correction at this time, but if over the years my vision becomes worse and I cannot obtain 20/20, is it possible to receive a medical waiver for vision deficiencies? If so, it is hard or common? BTW, I never really understood why 20/20 is necessary for an ATC???
  3. J

    May 8th Class Date

    Anyone else joining me?
  4. J

    May class dates???

    Who has them? I have May 8th.
  5. J

    Kim's Place-Community Gym

    Has anyone staying at Kim's place used the community gym included? How is it? A lot of free weights?
  6. J

    Isola Bella Gym

    From the pics I can tell that it's huge, but is it any good? Freeweights?
  7. J

    Firm 5/8 Class Date

    Just got my FOL for 5/8. I'm going to ZMA. Anyone going around the same time?
  8. J

    5/8 Start Date

    Is it usual to start on a Friday? Anyone have this date? Anyone going to ZMA?
  9. J

    May 4 Class Date

    I was advised by HR that the next available class for my facility(ZMA) would be 5/4/09. She couldn't confirm the date for me because my drug test expires in January. I need to take another one in January and then she will be able to confirm that date for me. Has anyone heard anything about that...