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    Looks like I may be going into the NEST soon. I have failed training at a level 5 up/down. What do the process and timeline look like? How can I know what facilities may be on the list they give me. I understand I would need to rank them and they choose for me. What type of possibility is there...
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    Training Review Board

    What should I expect during a training review board?
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    New Facility Level

    I am currently in training at a level 5 up/down facility. I am almost done with training and I am starting my research on where I would like to bid for in the next year or two. What level facility would be realistic for me to shoot for once I get my level 5 under my belt. Ive heard of guys going...
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    AF Airfield Operations Officer

    I am currently looking into my options to become an AF Airfield Operations Officer. I have been an ATC with the Army National Guard for 3 years now and have had a temp tech job as an ATC for about 18 months. I have 2 bachelor degrees, one of which is Aiport Management. I am currently studying to...
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    Looking for Some Ideas

    I've been trying to get an ATC job for the past 6 years. I got a 2nd bachelors for ATC with a CTI program. I joined the ANG as ATC. Luckily, I currently have a temp job with the DoD, have a CTO and have been tower certified for about 8 months now. I have been applying with the FAA for years only...
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    Trumps Air Traffic Control Initiative I know this was just announced today. As...
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    Back from AIT

    Hi, I recently got back from AIT for ATC. I received my CTO and was handed off my my national guard unit, however, there are no openings to train for Tower or Radar. My main goal is to be a civilian ATC. What is the best way to get either a tower (preferred) or radar cert? I realize via the job...
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    CTO Rating with Army National Guard ATC

    I'm just about ready to start my AIT for the Army National Guard as an ATC. Is there a chance I can get my CTO rating with them?
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    Deployments As AF ATC

    Hi, researching at going into the AF as ATC. I have a larger family to take into consideration, what is the average deployment length for ATC in the AF? Also, how often do they normally ship out? Thanks,
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    Joining the Air Force

    I have done everything I can to become an ATC, but I guess it is not in the stars for me. I am a CTI grad, did not get picked up by the FAA and will be turning 31 in a few weeks. After doing a lot of research, I came across the Command and Control Officer position in the Air Force. It seams like...
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    ANG, Guard, How to Proceed

    I am wanting to become an ATC and completed CTI school. I have 2 bachelor degrees and am turning 31 this July. I did not get picked up for the last FAA job announcement and can see my chances of getting picked up by the FAA are pretty much gone unless I go another route. I have applied for ANG...
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    Getting Hired by Air National Guard

    Hi, this is my first post, but I have been following for a few years. I have been working on becoming an air traffic controller for about 3 years now. I finished the CTI program last year, tested well on the AT-SAT, but did not get picked up on the most recent bid. I almost signed with the Navy...