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    10/05/18 Terminal Basics

    In case anyone here has this class date and doesn't know about .65 3 of us have booked Kim's so far.
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    August 2016 Tier 2

    I think I'm the first one notified from the Aug bid of a Tier 2 requirement so I figured i would create this tread to keep track of dates and information. I know there is a Tier 2 thread already and I highly recommend reading thru that for answers and information. Pool 2 Vet 5pt Terminal...
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    Dogs At the Academy

    So I've searched around and cant seem to find answers on this. Does anyone here have experience with bringing their dog with them to OKC? If so, Where To stay? Was it actually fair to the dog or did you feel to busy? And any other information you feel relevant. I've only received my TOL so...
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    Military Medical Questions

    Does anyone know if they require a copy of our military medical records when doing the medical clearance. I have gone to the VA and have records from them but I'm not sure if that includes actual service time. If they are needed how do I request/send them. I've heard requesting archived records...