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    Puerto Rico SJU- San Juan, PR

    I would also be open for F11, P31, ZHU, or RSW.
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    ERR Questions

    What are the chances of someone getting an ERR as a developmental? Asking for a friend!
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    San Juan Tower Does anyone have any info on what it's like at San Juan tower?
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    Best Academy Housing

    Where is the best place to stay and save money? I saw a post with claims of $20/night stay at Anatole. What company do I go through to get this deal? Anyone have any better options?
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    9/27/2017 Enroute Basics

    Anyone have this class yet?
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    Open Positions?

    Does anyone know of any open positions? I'm looking for employment in any open or soon to be open tower positions in the US or US territories. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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    Contract ATC Locations

    Does anyone know anything about any opportunities in exotic places such as Cuba, PR, Central or South America, and Islands not named.
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    Vinnell Arabia

    Does anyone have experience with this company?
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    Less Than 52 Weeks Experience

    Has anyone had less than the 52 weeks experience and got picked up on the experienced bid?
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    Status Updates...

    Anyone changed to referred on the OTS bid?
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    Are there any companies that will hire an experienced controller with NO CTO?
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    Military Getting Out

    Hey I'm currently an Army controller looking to get out. I have no CTOs, but I want to land a job doing air traffic control somewhere. Does anyone have any idea who may hire me without necessarily having a CTO. P.S. I have a fixed base FF rating and one tactical.