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    Best case scenario

    So, this is my theory. This is my theory only, and of course, means absolutely nothing. So, it does seem that PUB7 is alone and won't be combined with PUB8 (If said PUBNAT will ever exist). I am basing my theory on the rumor that panels will be the first week of August. I am also basing my...
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    Visiting a facility

    So, while we are in the wait for geo prefs, I figured I would go visit the facility I am wanting. Problem is, I have two front runners. (I'm in Dallas, and we have about 400 ATC facilities here. ;)) Do I visit my two top choices, or just pick one and go for it? Any advice would be greatly...
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    PUB 7 AT SAT score

    So, I got my ATSAT score today. I took the test yesterday, 6-1. I did much better than I felt I had, WQ. To be honest, I left the test feeling pretty defeated, and wouldn't have been surprised if I failed. Good luck to all you guys who are waiting to test!
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    Do we have any A and P mechanics on the boards? I am going to help Mod this forum and would like to get it up and going. I am a Dispatcher and my husband is a DOM. Our Airline is taking some time off, so while we do that, I am in charge of helping set up our 145 Repair Station. I have to...
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    Weight and Balance

    In my Aviation world, we don't do w/b for the Pilots. So, while reading through our Ops Specs today, I noticed under the W/B section that there is a provision for a "substantially heavier crew." Then it listed the formulas and ticks for a heavier crew and lighter crew. Does anybody know what...
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    I am going to try to get this sub forum going, and would love to hear from all current or past Dispatchers. Also, are there any topics anybody is interested in discussing. (Of course, we do have a regs section for those questions.) Let's introduce ourselves. I am a Dispatcher for a small on...
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    Any Freight Pilots?

    Are there really no freight pilots here? Or none that will own up to it? (Or did everyone get laid off?) I dispatch in the freight industry, so figured I could post here and try to get it rolling. Freight yourself!
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    I've been reading for about a month, but hadn't joined until today. Just wanted to drop in and make a quick introduction. I applied to PUBNAT 7, although I don't think I selected yes to the temporary position, so I'll probably be out this time around. (Didn't ready that hint until after the...