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    Tower to Tower IFR Clearance Under Same Class B

    As stated above if you go VFR thats the trick, we can usually get away with handing you off directly to the other tower if you ask, Approach usually doesn't bat an eye. With IFR there is coordination involved. For the most part each controller is going to want to talk to that plane in THEIR...
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    Opposite Direction Operations to Parallel Runways

    We do this all the time with RWY centerlines 500 feet apart. We also have the 5NM & 10NM cutoffs for 2 IFR / Prac. Aprch... With 1 IFR and 1 VFR you only need "turn to avoid" we get into the argument of WHEN you need the turn, common consensus around the facility is aircraft A must be turned...
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    What Does "flow" Mean?

    Delay program, or "metering" into an airport. An example is CFR "Call for Release". So we will tell the pilot "Flow into YYZ, advise 10 minutes prior to taxi". You say I'll be ready to depart at 0400z, we call YYZ flow control and say "Request Release C-FSDS Citation 750 wheels up 0400z" They...
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    How Long is the FAA Allowed to Take to Process a Pay Raise?

    As j_time said, you get back paid. If you certify CPC on June 15th. You get the new pay starting June 16th. They could process the pay 60 days later, but they will back credit an extra amount to your TSP and calculate gains every 2 weeks. I believe it is called a "Late Contribution" you will...
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    Grand Junction Tower

    I've heard its pronounced "Grand Hunk-shun"
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    St. Thomas Tower - STT

    Call their fac-rep, he'll talk to you for hours about earning more than 24 hours of credit time.
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    Question in Regards to Change of Station Leave.

    Management CAN approve UP TO 64 hours Change of Station Leave every time you transfer more than 50 miles away. You have 2 years to use this "up to 64 hours" allotment. If you transfer again and have 24 unused hours left, it doesn't roll-over. You get a new "up to 64 hours" allotment. With the...
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    Terminal Placement

    Napa really needs people, be careful though, they have been having some internal issues over the past year. Maybe give the NATCA rep a call if you can. I believe APC only has 4 CPCs right now...
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    JT says you need to take PAO. In all seriousness, call the NATCA reps of both facilities and talk to them for a few minutes, you will learn a lot!
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    ERR Forced to Move in 3 Months or 6?

    My roommate (we are both controllers obviously) has an ERR out. I heard our facility had 2 get picked up, we are CAT 1. "Category 1: CPC Current and Projected AOB > 90% Facility CPC staffing level: Release dates shall be within three (3) months of selection, or at the election of the employee...
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    Need Help Interpreting NEST Policy Re: Previous Facility

    How I understand the rule is that if your prior facility is under 100% you will get return rights, AS LONG AS YOU BEING THERE does not put them over 100%. So if your old facility is a small tower at say, 94% and you going there puts them at 101% you would not get to go back.
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    NEST Save Pay to a Level 4?

    The first developmental stage at my particular facility happened to be D3. We had AG-->D3-->CPC "If the same developmental stage does not exist at the new facility, the employee’s pay is set at the lowest available developmental stage at the new facility" This all depends on the interpretation...
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    NEST Save Pay to a Level 4?

    I see the Slate book adds specific verbiage stating that AG band is NOT to be considered a "Developmental Band" in the context of pay setting purposes. I'm hoping someone familiar with the interpretation of the Red Book can chime in to the specifics of transferring from D3 at a Level 7 facility...
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    Alternate Work Schedule

    It's going to depend on your facility hours. We are looking at 4 10s in a few weeks with 9 CICs and 3 CPCs but are only open 7am to 9pm. VFR tower though, so depending on how many RADAR positions you have, and how many are fully CIC rated, you may be cutting it close/SOL at those numbers.
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    Pay Question

    I hear ZOA needs people...
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    What Kind of Math Skills Should an ATC Be Privy Too?

    If you work at a tower you don't need to know math. TRACON takes care of you.
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    NEST 10/28

    For those interested; I went through the NEST, TRB was June 17th, Found I was going to the NEST June 30th or so, got my list of 5 facilities around Aug 20th, got my FOL Sep 11th. Reported to my new facility Oct 5th. I was told this was exceptionally quick. We have ZOA washouts at the facility...
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    Level 7 VFR Tower Washout Options

    Received my FOL yesterday! SCK transfer date 10/4 time to find some affordable housing since I was bumped back to AG pay. Even with bay area 35% locality my pay dropped by 20 grand
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    Level 7 VFR Tower Washout Options

    Nice, if APC was on my list, I would've picked it in a heartbeat. I originally had my TOL for STS for 2 years before the FAA called me, 2 weeks prior to me going to the Academy, and asked if I would like to go to Colorado instead and that would get me in the Academy sooner. Sure. I told them...
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    Level 7 VFR Tower Washout Options

    You are correct that LAF is "CRAZY and hoppin" and that they do not have a BRITE. They push 100,000 ops not sure why they are a 4. I submitted my list. Only the NATCA reps from SCK and CSG got back to me. 1. SCK 2. CSG. 3. MIC 4. LAF My mom works for Alaska Airlines, so if I get SCK I figure...