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    ERR Forced to Move in 3 Months or 6?

    My roommate (we are both controllers obviously) has an ERR out. I heard our facility had 2 get picked up, we are CAT 1. "Category 1: CPC Current and Projected AOB > 90% Facility CPC staffing level: Release dates shall be within three (3) months of selection, or at the election of the employee...
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    NEST Save Pay to a Level 4?

    I am currenty D3 at a Level 7 and was retained for Level 4 only. When I transfer to my new facility can I expect AG pay? Bottom of CPC band? Or save pay since my D3 is within the CPC band at a 4? I already asked my Rep and he wasn't 100% sure. Thanks!
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    OGG Maui Tower?

    Just curious if anyone on here is at OGG? What is the traffic like for you guys, I understand its nearly all commercial? How is the training program there, are most people successful, or is it more like 50/50? Thanks!
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    Level 7 VFR Tower Washout Options

    Just found out I'll be going through the NEST after washing out on local. We are a busy level 7 facility where 600 ops/ day is considered slow and we have had at least 2 1000/ops+ days in the past week or so. 90% of our traffic is student pilots from a local flight school with identical 2 seater...
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    Who Do I Call to Get Driving Reimbursed?

    The FAA wants me to Fly from SEA to OKC. But I will be at Pueblo tower not too far from OKC so I would like to drive for personal convenience. They gave me SATO Air travel instructions, I called and they said I don't need to talk to them if I am driving. I tried calling "FAA Travel Payments...
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    How will Amazon's Drones be regulated by FAA?
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    Anyone stay at level 5?

    When I was selected for KSTS a level 5 tower in CA with 35% locality, I had immediately planned on staying for a year or so and transferring to a higher level tower. After visiting the area, I'm beginning to reconsider, level 5 pay is not "great", but not poverty either. And the hours are...
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    KSTS anyone?

    Got my TOL today, looks like I'm headed to KSTS in Santa Rosa, California. Searched the forums and can't find much about it. Anyone have any experience with that airport? Its a level 5 with a high cost of living, and only about 200 flight ops/day from what I can tell on airnav.
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    What facility do you prefer?

    Lets assume that the FAA had you pick an option for Tower, Center, or TRACON along with your two states, and there is no "any" option. Which work environment do you prefer and why? Personally I think an up/down would be most fun, but to keep it simple we'll leave that out of the poll.
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    Terminal interview not at tower?

    My original email said my interview would be at KSEA. I was recently contacted and told my interview would be at the FAA's colombia district office near KBFI. Just wondering if anyone else had their interview at a building other than tower, center, or tracon? I was told the interview would be...
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    Criminal speeding

    Was "caught" doing 55 in a 35 yesterday. I was in Mt.Rainier national park, literally coasting down the road, my car was in neutral. The park ranger who pulled me over was going up the road about 35 mph passed me and whipped around. Turns out since I was in a national park it is some sort of...
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    Finished CTI, considering USAF?

    Well I graduated CTI December 2010, so I'm at the beginning of the waiting game. The week after I graduated I landed a job at a new car dealership, so that's what I've been doing. Its right under the flight path of Boeing Field, and KRNT, and its driving me crazy because I want to be in/around...
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    I'm 18, AF or CTI?

    I know very little about military operations, I am set to finish CTI December this year, before my 19th birthday, I started the AT-CTI program when I was 17 because I am interested in aviation and liked the idea of "coming home" every night (even with the rotating ATC shifts) vs. ATP type shifts...
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    Timeline for CTI

    I have completed 30 out of 95 credits for the CTI program, and still know very little about the steps necessary for getting to the FAA Academy. Can anyone list a general timeline of steps from CTI to ATCS? I think I read it on here before, but my search came back with little.