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    Ohio ZOB

    ZOB - Facility Swap Request
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    Separation Requirement between VFR and IFR

    Re: Separation Requirement? Controlled airspace is a restriction for the controller, not the pilot. Think of it this way: it is not legal to issue control instructions in uncontrolled airspace i.e. class G, you have to wait until they are in controlled airspace. All pilots must maintain...
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    Separation Requirement between VFR and IFR

    I almost forgot, do not confuse separation with separation minima. If a VFR and another aircraft or object do not hit each other, they are separated by definition. We have separation minima for aircraft under instrument flight rules because they cannot see each other in IMC. So we provide...
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    Separation Requirement between VFR and IFR

    Re: Separation Requirement? No separation requirement for VFR outside of class B. IFR is separated from VFR in Class C. The point of VFR is to see and be seen. In class D or E, Issue safety alerts and traffic advisories to VFR aircraft who request radar service, not optional but dependent...
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    President Obama freezes pay for federal employees

    I won't affect these people at all because they are not paid by the FAA. :rotf:
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    CTI Sues FAA

    I went to school to be a pilot, and spent 50,000 in flight training. At the time, US Air was hiring pilots with 250 hours. Now they "changed their standards" and I can't be hired. I should sue U.S. Air. Does this kid know that the FAA is not the only place to be an ATC?
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    Employment with another Federal agency

    I think I understand what you are trying to say Roddy. If you are a controller, fire fighter, or law enforcement officer, and you put in 20 years in that profession, you may retire at the age of 50. Or any age, with 25 years of service as a controller, fire fighter, or law enforcement officer...
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    Employment with another Federal agency

    Roddy, your close but wrong. FERS is FERS no matter which way you slice it. There is an added benefit to being ATC, Law Enforcement, or a fire fighter. 20 years in any of those jobs earns you 1.7% of pension for those 20 years. Anything over 20 is just 1%. All civilian federal government...
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    CTI w/TOLs have to wait for OTS first?

    You know that you could have applied OTS too, right?
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    Lasik Provider Recommendations

    I got LASIK while at the academy from LASIK vision institute. My vision is 20/15 in both eyes with no side effects. It worked out great. They are the only ones I could find that would do surgery on a Saturday and schedule my appointments at 1600. I never missed any class and the timing was...
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    Pay Period

    The next pay period starts July 4th (Sunday) and ends on July 17th (Saturday) and we get paid for that period on July 27th (Tuesday). Every other tuesday is payday.
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    Operating Initials

    I use Foxtrot U
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    5-7-2 and 91.117?

    The answer is in your thread title. CFR 91.117(d) authorizes ANY aircraft that cannot maintain a safe speed below 250 knots to operate below 10,000 MSL above 250 knots. "(d) If the minimum safe airspeed for any particular operation is greater than the maximum speed prescribed in this section...
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    Altimeter settings in Center environment

    In my opinion, these two sections are not contradictory at all. 2-7-2 deals with the issuance of an altimeter setting, and you have to give the altimeter at least once to each aircraft in your airspace. Section 4-7-10 deals with approach information. If you are working approach or in an...
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    When you buy back your military time it is not for social security, it is for your FERS computation. You've already paid social security when you were in the military for those years. And no, you do not get the time if you don't buy it back. i.e. 30 years controlling and 4 years military...
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    CTI May '10 graduate - applied today, different application?!

    OTS does not have the opportunity either. No one does. Needs of the FAA.
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    Another altitude/vectoring question

    That is a disturbing comment. The pilot should always know the what the MIA is at all times, he is obligated to. Also, the point of a standard lost communications procedure is so the controller knows exactly what the pilot is going to do. In the example in this thread, we don't know all of...
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    Visual Sep...yes again....

    :agree: Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    How do you pocket the food per diem?

    I pocketed the food per diem by withdrawing it from the ATM in 20's and folding it in half. It fits easier that way. You can ask to change for bigger bills though, at the FAA Credit Union, if you have small pockets. :rotf:
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    Can family come to academy?

    You get 90 bucks and some change between food and lodging per diem. It doesn't matter if you are by yourself or with a significant other. If you stay at Kim's, there was a couple when I was in class that had their own house for 50 bucks a day. It did not include Kim's grocery shopping but...