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  1. biggm16

    2013 pay

    Then do the bands move or do we just move up in the band?
  2. biggm16

    2013 pay

    Is there any news if 2013 will bring a pay increase or locality increase? Will we get the standard 5% FEP increase?
  3. biggm16

    It's official, facilities downgraded/upgraded

    How about the few of us that are being upgraded, does anyone know when we will start getting the higher pay?
  4. biggm16

    Oct. 2 TRACON

    They are nice. Just like the real ACD's and STARS. I was in the ACD lab and they are identical, just a couple of limitations at OKC, no user prefs, no "headlights" in ACD and cant put circles around planes and handoff/pointoff stuff at OKC.
  5. biggm16

    hey, i got picked up june 1st, im at denver tracon now.

    hey, i got picked up june 1st, im at denver tracon now.
  6. biggm16

    Has anyone heard anything about the FY2010 terminal classes yet?

    All new employee processing once you get to the academy. Life insurance, health insurance, retirement, etc.....
  7. biggm16

    Isola Bella Questions

    scrambled eggs, waffle maker with waffles, sausage, biscuits and gravy, yogurt, fruit, toast, cereal, hashbrowns, some other items too. All really good and the lady is really nice who serves it and works really hard to make it nice for us.
  8. biggm16

    June 17 Basics

    I received mine like 3 days before class started via fedex.
  9. biggm16

    Probationary period - question

    What exactly is the purpose of the 1 year probationary perdiod?
  10. biggm16

    those with class dates - how much notice?

    I had about 5 weeks notice. Received my fol about 2 days after notice of my class date.
  11. biggm16

    OKC Date change

    I have a class date of June 1st, which is 2 weeks away. Ive seen people on here get their date changed but seemed to have their class date further away than 2 weeks. I dont want to jinx my class date and get rescheduled but has anyone heard of HR changing their class date when they are 2 weeks...
  12. biggm16


    "while enabling individual facilities to identify vacancies and select prospective new controllers as much as one year in advance." hence why most of us are waiting till FY09 because they were selecting us a year out.
  13. biggm16

    Academy June 1st

    Well, its been a while since I heard from anyone. Just wondering if since then anyone will be joining me for June 1st TRACON basics? I know of one other guy whos going.
  14. biggm16

    No FOL yet.. Should I be worried??

    Ive had the best luck with him! By far the best and ive had several...
  15. biggm16

    PEPC Dates

    on the threshold
  16. biggm16

    PEPC Dates

    there has been a pepc at MCI
  17. biggm16

    so when should I expect to see the academy packet?

    I received all of those forms via email. I thought there was another packet you receive via snail mail or fedex. Contained academy info. I'm still waiting on that packet aswell. Not sure if it's sent from our HR rep or academy personel.
  18. biggm16

    New subscription service will be launced on May 4th

    Glad to donate money, wasnt much cuz I dont start the Academy till June 1 but donated what i could. (And the wife would let me) lol
  19. biggm16

    Carlsbad Tower - CRQ

    Thanks for the help but I was called to go to a different facility so I could go to academy sooner and I accepted. Denver TRACON, OKC June 1.